I have practiced Intuitive Feng Shui for the past 17 years. It doesn’t have to be a mystery!

In fact, it is simple, commonsensical and a lot of fun. This is the first in a series of posts in which I want to take some of the mystery out of the practice of Feng Shui by looking at the basics from a western metaphysical point of view.  Intention is the key!  The principles of Feng Shui are the guidelines.  I will show you how simple it is to empower yourself through the intentional placement of objects and color in your environment.

“Feng Shui” translated is Wind and Water. This is symbolic of “relationship”-the relationship of your home and its contents to each other and to your life. In the practice of Feng Shui your home is a metaphor for your life and “Chi” is life energy. So the idea is to bring in Chi through the doors and windows and have it circulate easily throughout to vitalize the different aspects of your life. According to the Feng Shui Bagua (see chart), there are nine sections of your home that correspond to nine different areas of your life; Career, Helpful People and Travel, Children and Creativity, Relationship and Love, Fame and Reputation, Prosperity, Happy Family, Self Cultivation and Knowledge and Health. The nine areas have colors associated with them.  Five of the nine have natural elements associated with them and each element has a shape associated with it..

You can create a working  Bagua by simply drawing a rectangle over the floor plan of your house and dividing it into 9 equal sections. The center of the front of the house and the bottom of the chart is the starting point and correlates to the Career “gua”.  Typically this is where the front entry is located. This section is represented by the color Black, the element Water and the shape is undulating or free form (as in the flow of water).  Going to the right or counter clockwise, the next section is Helpful People and Travel; no element and the color is Silver or Gray, Next is Children and Creativity; the color is White or Pastel, the element is Metal the shape is Round, In the top right is Relationship; the color is Pink or Red, no element, In the top center is Fame and Reputation; the color is Red, the element is Fire and the shape is Pointed or Triangle, In the top left  is Prosperity; the colors are Red, Green, Purple and Gold, with no element. Next is Happy Family, the color is Green, the element is Wood and the shape is Rectangle, Columnar or Vertical. In the lower left corner is Self Cultivation and Knowledge; the color is Blue, with no element. Finally, in the center of the Bagua is Health, the color is Yellow or Earth Tones the element is Earth and the shape is Square.

A primary concept of Feng Shui is to use the colors and elements where they belong to enhance that particular area of your life and improve the chi. Your home, furniture and possessions will generally not be in perfect alignment with the Bagua. Don’t worry about this because there are many “cures” to address these situations and this is where the fun starts.  To practice Feng Shui is to have a relationship with the things in your home and to intentionally place them where they will most benefit you.

To learn more about “cures” as well as an in depth look at each of the nine sections of the Bagua look for up coming articles soon.

Kelly Whetstone