My definition of empowerment is connecting to your limitless self and letting that limitless self work for you and through you in your daily life

If you believe as I do that we are on this planet in this evolution to demonstrate God, I have another concept along the same lines I would like you to think about. I would like you to think of your desires and intentions as God inspiring you to express more of your divinity? I had a reading last week with a wonderful 12Advisor, Karen J. Lewis and in the course of the reading she told me that God is moving me toward one of my deepest desires. I had not been actively working on it thinking it was not for right now.  However God is supporting me right now in attaining it.

Now you might say, well duh!….  But this really struck me and as I thought about it the concept began to expand.  God or the Universe, what ever you want to call it, is pure consciousness and it becomes aware of itself as its creation.  Every one of us at our core is Divine Consciousness and our purpose is to reveal that Divinity.  Divine consciousness seeks to create, to express, to manifest.  Creation is the activity of God.

You are born as an expression of Divine consciousness as a physical being.  Soon in this life you encounter circumstances that cause you to forget your Divine origin.  You forfeit your power to your circumstances and you think, “that’s just how it is”.  Your true nature is no longer even a memory.  You are immersed in this physical, material world.  “I do this job, I am in this relationship, I have these parents, I have this education and all of these things tell me who and what I am”.

One day though, something comes along, a book, a cd or a radio show that talks about the limitless you and the spark is lit, recognition, resonance in the depths of your being, the beginning of your spiritual journey.  A brief glimmer of the feeling of expansiveness is all it took.  We know truth when we feel it because truth is us.

We start to move and learn in pursuit of more of that feeling of expansiveness and connection.  All along this path our guidance is leading us, dropping bread crumbs, dropping clues as to our power and capacity to create and live the lives we desire.  The more we follow the more our God self expresses.  Our spiritual journey is Divine consciousness experiencing itself.  I feel there is great rejoicing with every new discovery we make and every new success we have.

We have the Divine right and the Divine power to be, do and have whatever we desire.  I think we know that but I think we still look to something outside of ourselves to bring it about.  We pray and affirm that we have our desires now but we are still focused outwardly instead of inwardly.  We are entreating a merciful God to see it our way and give us what we want rather than seeing the All Providing God as occupying our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and then allowing him to express as our desire fulfilled.

Because God is pure creativity any desire you have must be inspired by God.  I have always agreed with the idea that you cannot want anything that you cannot have.  I also agree with the idea that the want is the just the hello from the Universe letting you know that you can create it.  But I just had the realization that we not only have a God given right to have what we desire but God gives us the desire so that creation can keep happening through us!  So that God can express more of himself through you through the act of manifesting or creating your desires!

Holy cow!  That sheds a whole new light on things doesn’t it?  Think about your prayers in the past, begging God to help.  I hear God saying “Okay! It’s done! But you have to have it! You have to allow it to come through you!

That brings us back to deserving.  Believing we deserve anything we want just because we are here.  We are worthy just because we are!  We are the embodiment of God.  We don’t need a thing beyond that to make us worthy we just have to know it.

There is an excitement, a thrust of pure creative power that occurs when you decide you want something.  The only thing holding back the Divine consciousness within you from delivering it is you believing you deserve it and that it comes from with in you.  It comes from being in agreement with God in you as the ultimate creative power in your life and allowing that power to flow through you.

What an interesting concept.  From a place of thinking we have to sell God on our desires sometimes claiming our unworthiness and begging for mercy, to a place of God in us saying “isn’t is time for a new car?  You’ve been driving that one for over ten years….  It doesn’t matter how often you drive or how far you go……  If you drive once a month wouldn’t you like a new car to go in?  If you only drive once a month it will stay new for a long time and really, if you have a beautiful new car you will find excuses to drive more often.”

So you start thinking about that seed that has been planted and you think I don’t want another payment, the car I have is good enough and God says “Who said anything about a payment?  You can create the money to buy the car outright!  Let’s do that together.  You decide exactly what car you want.  The make, the model, the color everything down to the last detail.  See it in your mind and then see yourself driving it.  Be inside the car looking out the windshield as you are driving.  Feel the seat supporting your body, feel the steering wheel.  Listen to the GPS as it directs you on your drive.  Smell that wonderful new car smell. See the beautiful dash board and turn on the stereo. Wow, what a great sound system!  Notice how smooth the ride is and how quiet the engine is.  Notice other people noticing your beautiful new car.  Drive it down a beautiful stretch of road through what ever type of landscape you love.  It might be cool enough to roll the windows down and feel the breeze and smell the greenery. This is your car.  Feel excited, feel prosperous, feel joyful as you drive it.  You have created it with your imagination.”

Then God says; “Revisit this drive in your new car every night as you go to bed and fall asleep in the complete sensuous experience of driving your new car.  When you fall asleep, I take over bringing it out of the subconscious mind into physical reality.  I love creating with you.”

And then God says;

“Now that we have the car in the bag, how about a house?”

That God, what an instigator…