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      “The past is not dead, it is not even past”  Wm Faulkner

We hear a lot about the past and how to deal with it.  A few common observations are:

                        The past is always with us.

                         Let go of the past.

                         The past is a foreign country, they speak a

                          different language there, the borders are closed.

                         Learn from the past.

What should we do, carry it around like an albatross, or just erase it.   There is a middle ground.  While it is unwise and unhealthy to dwell on negative aspects of the past, there are memories that serve us and should be brought forward.  Reminiscing about the old days is usually a harmless adventure; an easy walk down memory lane.

It is when a past event rules our lives or overshadows the present that we are in trouble.  We can’t be in the present moment if past regrets, recriminations or guilt invade our thoughts.  We can’t keep beating our- selves or someone else for a past transgression.  Feeling guilty for something we did or did not do serves no purpose in the “now”.  Forget it, move on. 

If we are harboring feelings of remorse for actual wrong doings, we should try to make amends, forgive ourselves and move on.  Continuing a dialog of “If only… or I should have” is wasting energy.  Maybe what we thought was an error was the only option at the time and may be just what was needed to get to this stage of evolution.

It is good to remember lessons from the past so that mistakes are not repeated.  This is useful.  If something that occurred in the past relates to a present situation, take it out and use it.  Much has been written about being in the present moment.  If we truly are we should have fewer regrets to look back upon.  Unless the past serves a positive purpose, leave it there.

From Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”:

“Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now.  Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.  What you think of as the past is a memory trace, stored in the mind.  When the future comes, it comes as the Now.  When you think of the future, you do it Now.  Past and future obviously have no reality of their own”

Recommended reading for those on the path.


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“A Grateful heart knows many joys”   from a valentine

Even the most enlightened of us appreciate a “thank you” for something that we have done for someone else.  Our reasons for giving may very well be altruistic, but we are more likely to give again if our gift is acknowledged and appreciated.

Being aware of our blessings, no matter how small or how taken for granted they are, should be part of our daily routine.  Gratitude invites even more good into our lives.  Start each day with heartfelt gratitude.  Recognizing the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.  If we think that we are not receiving enough consideration, assistance, praise, or whatever, try giving it.  Then you will start receiving it

While experiencing a challenge it may seem that there is nothing to be grateful about.  But there is an opportunity for growth and, if we have the wisdom, we are thankful for that.   It is important to be consistent in the practice of gratitude and in accepting the gifts of the universe.

Do it regularly and mindfully.

“Rituals channel your life energy toward the light.  Without the discipline of practice you will tumble constantly backward into the darkness.”

 Lao Tzu

In his book, “A new Earth”, Eckhart Tolle says:

“The source of all abundance is not outside you.  It is part of who you are.  However, start by recognizing abundance without.   See the fullness of life all around you… it is there in every step.  The acknowledgment of that abundance that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within.  Then let it flow out.”

This book is recommended reading for those on the path.

Article by Judy Struna