Happy, Happy Holidays!

2014 was a lightning fast year and here we are at holiday time! Holy cow!! It seems like I just took the Christmas tree down and here I am putting it up again!

I like the holidays but they are certainly an interesting time. This season carries with it a mixed bag of energy and emotion. It just does. It is fertile ground for the associative mind to run wild. You might be putting up the tree, or shopping or cooking and the ghosts of Christmas past come knocking bringing a flood of memories from childhood, young adulthood, previous relationships, etc. Holidays, and really any ritualistic happening, invites memories and memories bring feelings with them and not all of them are great. This is positive, however, because when old emotions surface it is an opportunity to release them. But in order to release them you have to have them first. Painful memories are frozen pieces of time that cannot be changed. Knowing that you cannot fix the thing that happened, you can allow yourself to feel the pain in order to take your power back from it. So many times we feel that stab of guilt or hurt and we do one of two things – we push it back down because it’s painful or we get lost in it and let it consume our attention and energy and taint our present time experience.

You are master and commander and you can choose your response. Imagine being filled with neutrality so that you don’t resist emotions as they come up but simply allow them to fall away. If you dare to just feel the fear, hurt, guilt, etc. you will feel the emotional charge release, making space in your space for beauty, joy, light and a new present time experience without the baggage.

As the holidays gain momentum here is a quote from Ervin Seale that can help you keep your perspective as you navigate the energy of the next few weeks:

“Call nothing on earth the source of your joy or your misery, your hope or your despair, your fear or your faith. Things are what they are. Things are as they are. Let them be as they are. They are not causes; they are results and effects. That which walks and talks and breathes in you is God. It is Cosmic Mind. It is Divine Wisdom. You cannot be separated from it. It goes with you and goes before you.”

I wish you a beautiful holiday season filled with love and a million blessings.