March has a lot going on! Although springtime is usually the snowiest time of year here in Colorado there are already signs of spring outside. As the last batch of snow is melting my lawn is unusually green and there’s green stuff in our flower beds.

If you are feeling a little restless, like you just want to change something or start something new or move to somewhere new, those feelings are also a sign of spring. The forward moving, creative energy of spring is Life itself and that Life is the very essence of you so it stands to reason that you feel it as well. This is wonderful energy, it is momentum and inspiration and when properly directed can move mountains. So, how will you use it?? What do you want to do, be or have? You have the thrust of Life itself behind you, how can you use it for your highest good? You can use it right now to light up your imagination and bring your visualizations to life and you can feel it move through your body as you focus on living in your desired end result.

You can have whatever you can believe. You can use this phenomenal springtime energy to expand your faith and your enthusiasm. If a tiny seed can make its way through the earth and sprout and bloom imagine how much more is possible for you. After all, you are a perfect idea in the mind of God. That thing that you desire exists within you and like the seed and it wants to bloom. Life itself gave you that desire because it wants to expand and express through you.

Think of yourself as the medium through which Life creates. Life, God or Universe, whatever you prefer to call it, is invisible, omnipresent Source energy that needs your physicality in order to manifest in the physical plane. That is the concept of co-creating. You are like paint for an artist or clay for a sculptor. And like paint or clay you have to be fluid and malleable, living in the desired end result but not involved in how it comes about.

Life loves you and wants to express mightily through you, as you. So use this springtime energy to empower your intention and BLOOM!!!!!

Love and a Million Blessings