A surreal image of an umbrella checkered black and white, where below it there is good weather and bad weather with rain around it

Hello My Friends!

Happy Mid – Spring

It is the first of May and there is a wet spring snow falling right now.  In fact, it has been a cool wet spring over all here in Colorado.  I personally love it – it’s free water!  People that like warm weather aren’t thrilled but we’ll have plenty of sunny days.

We experience the weather every day and everyone has an opinion about it.  We all know what we like and don’t like but what is “bad” or “good” weather is completely subjective and so is everything else that we put labels on.  It is all opinion and opinion is not truth.  The weather is just doing what it’s doing.  It is not doing it TO anyone.  And, for that matter, neither is traffic, waiting lines, delayed flights or a bouquet of flowers.   They are all impersonal but we personalize them and credit them for the mood we are in – bad or good.

No thing or person can make us happy or sad.  Those are choices we make and we invest a lot of energy and emotion in them.  But once we realize that they are just choices we can choose differently.  We all know people that are just easy going.  Not much bothers them and they have the ability to just roll with whatever is happening.  They simply choose to not invest in negatives and they are probably happier over all because of it.

It is always our opinion about something that creates its effect on us.  The fewer opinions we have the easier life is.  Neutrality is power.

“Nothing is either bad or good but thinking makes it so.”  William Shakespeare

Love and a Million Blessings