Havingness is the ability to have what is in your life right now whether it’s what you want or not.  The starting point of manifesting what you want in your life is accepting what you have in your life.  You cannot go past anything that you don’t accept and take responsibility for.  So if you want a new car you have to be able to have or accept the one you have first then you can bring a new one to you.  What “is”, is. Acknowledge that and then you can move on.  The other part of Havingness is being clear about what you do want to create and having it at the same time.  This is called a dichotomy.  Imagine a large round platter that fits on your out stretched arm.  Imagine yourself holding this platter that fits exactly between your chest and your fingers.  The part that is right up against your chest is what is.  And directly apart from it on the opposite side at your fingers is what you want to manifest.  By having both you are allowing a couple of things to happen.  First, having what is and all the feelings and emotions that come with it will allow the emotional charge to release. By bringing it into the light and naming it and your feelings about it puts you in the driver’s seat so to speak.  It may be uncomfortable but you start controlling the situation and it starts to loose its power over you.

The second thing that happens is that you start to own what you want.  Wanting something is a signal that you can create it. You cannot desire something that you cannot create.  If you want it, it already exists within you and now you use your creativity to bring it into physical reality.  Once you decide what you want to create your language changes from I want this to I have this.  By affirming that you have what you want your mind starts accepting it and it moves toward you.  It may be a fight at first but keep at it.  Use the affirmation “this is what is and I can have it and be thankful for it and this is what I am creating and I can have it”.