Because of Valentine’s Day love seems to be the theme for February, you just can’t get away from it. I love Valentine’s Day and all that goes with it, I always have. Big red hearts appeal to me and the fact that it calls our attention to love is not a bad thing at all, we can all use as much love as we can get. Valentine’s Day is about romantic love and we may or may not be experiencing that in our lives at the moment and we may or may not want to so I want to talk about love as a creative, neutral energy that we can use every day to experience the best life possible.

Divine Love is not emotional. It is neutral. It lets everyone be exactly who they are. It lets everyone experience whatever they are experiencing because they have unlimited potential within them and the power of choice. It sees only itself in everyone and therefore judges no one. It is perfect and it is the essence of who you are. It is the essence of every human being and when you acknowledge it, it expands in others and in you.

This is a paragraph from Ervin Seal’s essay called Don’t Apologize for Success:

“In addition to intending and coercing the mind in positive and affirming directions, there is a correlative law to be learned well and practiced continually, and that is the Law of Harmony. This means that you must never think for another what you do not wish to have or experience for yourself. For we are all one. When we look at each other we seem to be all separate individuals with spaces between us. That is true physically, but spiritually we are one body. Mentally and psychologically we have community with each other. Each of us emits a kind of mental emotional atmosphere, and these atmospheres mingle. Take the very word individual and note what it means. Superficial thinking suggests that individual means separate and apart, but it means basically indivisible. Spiritually speaking there is only one individual in this world, manifesting itself in the form of all the billions of human beings plus the animals and fowls and all the other forms of life. These are but variations of the One. This One is indestructible, birthless and deathless, inviolable and beyond all pain and hurt. Whenever you are in trouble think of yourself as this One and immediately you are lifted above your trouble. Continue practicing this thought and the trouble will vanish from your life. Joy will come in its place. Peace will come. Right order will come and all your circumstances will begin to harmonize themselves in a wonderful and magical way. Beware of dwelling in criticism upon another for this amounts to self-criticism and self-destruction because we are all One.”

This is a magnanimous way of being. When you see a successful person – bless their success because it is your success. Whatever you desire more of in your life bless it in the lives of others. It creates a beautiful circle and those blessings come back. This is an abundant Universe. There is more than enough health, wealth, love, happiness and success to go around. Focus on the good and exalt God or Source or Love in the midst of you and every person you meet and see how that comes back to you. Like attracts like – that’s the law.