Imagination is our greatest tool for creating.  Everything in our outer world began as thought and if we deliberately imagine the best for ourselves and put feeling behind it our outer world improves.  It has to, it’s the law.  As children we lived in our imaginations, nothing was too big to imagine or too far fetched to pretend.  As adults many times we leave that behind because being an adult is serious business and daydreaming is a waste of time.  But remember how good it felt to be the star of some wild story you had going in your head?  It felt good because imagination is direct connection to limitless Divine Mind.  There is nothing you cannot be in your imagination and it is important to experience that on an ongoing basis because it changes your limited view of “reality”.

I love October because I love Halloween.  I love Halloween because the sky is the limit for imagination and creativity.  It has been my favorite holiday since I was a kid and as an adult, I have thrown a few absolute “killer” Halloween parties. My favorite was the “Dead Prom”.

Halloween puts you back in touch with that limitless imagination you had as a kid. You can be what ever crazy, creepy, funny or scary thing you can dream up.  You have complete permission to go nuts!  The wilder the costume the more it’s appreciated.  Aside from Halloween when do we ever have that kind of creative freedom?  I love it!!  Another wonderful thing is that you get to pretend to be whoever you dress up as.  You have permission to move out of your self, put on that mask and be crazy, creepy, funny or scary.  A costume, some makeup and a wig equals freedom!  I think it is a priceless opportunity to let go and have fun.

 When I was in elementary school I was a gypsy for a few years running because I could wear one of my mom’s old skirts, a lot of costume jewelry and a little, (very little) makeup.  That was a big deal for this little girl. The best part was getting dressed up at school and parading around the block.  What a fun memory.  Living in my imagination has never been difficult for me so when I was dressed like a gypsy I was a gypsy and that Halloween parade was the best thing ever.  Trick or Treating paled in comparison.

So if you have the opportunity to go to, or throw a Halloween party this year, don’t pass it up.  Take a break from being a grown up, connect to that limitless “kid” imagination and run loose!

I think I will start planning a party for Halloween 2012.  If we are all going to be toast in December that will be the greatest Halloween party ever!!  (just joking)