Intuition is practical tool.   We all have intuition.  We all have access to Divine Mind, to Source and to guidance.  Energetically we are built to receive guidance through our chakras.  I personally believe that it is simply up to us to be aware and receptive.

Spirit is always talking to us, always.  We are so used to figuring things out, making plans, doing things the way we always have that we don’t listen to that still small voice.  It’s kind of sad to say but sometimes the only time we give it our attention is after the fact when we didn’t follow our gut and then we say I knew I should have done or said that or gone there or whatever it is. Guidance is always available if we just take advantage of it. It comes from our divinity.  The guidance exists within us. We have to purposefully be open to it and we have to look for it.  By that I don’t mean go on a hunt for it but simply keep your eyes and ears open and expand your mind to recognize it when it comes and I’ll go one step further and say expect it.

Spirit speaks through imagination and play so the message there is to lighten up and have some amusement and joy.  Being attached and serious doesn’t open the channels of communication from Spirit it closes them because it doesn’t give Spirit any room for creativity.  That’s why when we surrender to the moment and choose to be joyful and happy that things seem to flow.  They flow because we’re not getting in the way with our preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to happen.

The other thing we have to do is believe it when it comes and act on it even if it doesn’t seem reasonable.  Sometimes we are led to do things when we can’t see the end but we know with certainty that we have to act.  Sometimes it is the first link in a chain and if we act on it in faith because we know its Spirit talking to us it expands to become an incredible adventure and the only guidance on the road is our intuition.  We must constantly check in with ourselves to affirm that we’re on track.

I found a great quote from Sonja Choquette when I was preparing for this show.  “Your intuition is energy and it is physical! As such, your intuition will manifest itself through one or more of your senses.  Pay attention to your physical reality! Learn to focus your attention to tune out the mental chatter which may be distracting you.  When you can focus, you can tap into your inner awareness, your intuition.  Psychic ability is energy.  It is an increased awareness of what is, not what is not.  So don’t overlook the obvious”

Here is a simple  meditation for getting in touch with your intuition.

Get quiet and ground by sending a grounding cord from your first chakra to the center of the earth.  See it completely connected to your first chakra at the tip of your tailbone and completely connected to the center of the earth. Now notice how much more present you feel when you are grounded.  Take your attention to your 6th chakra which is in the center of your head behind your eyes and between your ears your inner sanctuary.  This is a place of complete neutrality when you are there you feel the neutrality it allows you to look at things without the emotional charge. You are master and commander here and this is where you go to use your imagination to create.  Be in an attitude of play and allowing.  Now we are going to ask spirit a direct question and get an intuitive answer.  The question I want you to ask spirit is “how does my intuition show up for me?” and I want you to be open to all possibilities.  You may feel something in your body, you may hear the answer or you may see the answer.  You may just know the answer.  Spirit speaks through imagination don’t put limits on how you will receive the answer and when you get it know with certainty that it is your answer simply because you asked for it and don’t second guess it.  You most likely will feel the certainty.  If you were able to join me in that meditation go ahead and open your eyes and just have whatever feeling you are having right now and enjoy it.  I would encourage you to write it down in detail, what you saw what you felt what you heard and that will validate it even further.  If you couldn’t do it then I hope you will because it is very informative and simple.

The beauty of this exercise is that it combines three powerful tools, grounding to bring you into the present moment, Neutrality to release judgments and imagination the voice of God.

Michael Tamura said Imagination applied in the present opens the door to spiritual experience (intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience. Etc.)

You just have to let yourself go and have what comes up.

It is so much fun.