Young girl playing the piano

Mindfulness is paying attention to whatever you are doing. It brings you into the present moment and into the state of giving and receiving.

If you can keep the idea in the back of your mind that you always reap what you sow you will automatically be more mindful.  You will be conscious of what you are sowing.  We always live what we believe and what we think with feeling.  We are surrounded by our beliefs in our physical world and if we don’t like what we see we can always change our thought and change our experience.  Mindfulness makes us aware of what we are thinking, how we are feeling and therefore, what we are attracting with our vibration.

Mindfulness is present moment awareness. It is really being in the now where the action is.  No matter what you are doing, even the most mundane thing, pay attention to it.  Doing laundry, driving to work, etc. can become part of living your life as a prayer.  Attention is love and what you love, loves you back by expanding.  Now this can be positive or negative as in the case of worry but I am talking about loving everything you do, being conscious.  Feeling your body doing what you are doing and putting some energy into it.  If drive to work mindfully you will notice things you never saw before.  It is really fun to experiment with.  Look around and make note of what you have been missing.  You will be amazed.

I was going to add this quote from Neville to last week’s show but there wasn’t time and now I am glad there wasn’t because this is a valuable concept in and of itself.  And because we can’t be reminded enough how powerful our NOW is in the creation of the future we really want to experience.

In his book “Awakened Imagination” Neville writes: “On the morning of April 12, 1953, my wife was awakened by the sound of a great voice of authority speaking within her and saying, ‘You must stop spending your thoughts, time, and money.  Everything in life must be an investment.’  To spend is to waste, to squander, to lay out without return.  To invest is to lay out with a purpose from which a profit is expected.  This revelation of my wife is about the importance of the moment.  It is about the transformation of the moment…..It is only what is done now that counts…..Whenever we assume the feeling of being what we want to be, we are investing.”

Wow, that is powerful.  I consciously stopped using the word “spend” where money is concerned a while ago. Because when something is spent it is used up and gone and that’s how it feels.  But invested is a whole other thing, expecting not just a return but a profit. I love it!

I never thought about the word spend where thoughts and time were concerned but it makes so much sense.  Since reading this I have been much more aware of replacing the word spend with invest.  That in itself makes me more conscious.

It reminds me of a quote from Rev. Ike;   “Is this thought creative of the good that I desire?”