Mans JourneyI think that faith has become an obsession for me.  It has taken me a lifetime to figure out exactly what it is and how to use it. It has evolved from the concept of having an idea of what you want and hoping you are doing all the correct things to bring it into reality to having a concrete tool that will not fail if you use it.

I remember reading the bible or being in church and hearing the verse that says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and it would have to happen.  Now, it has been a while so I am not sure if that is exactly how that verse goes or if I have mixed a couple of verses up but the point is that faith is a monster tool.  US Anderson calls it “the single most important tool of man’s existence.”

Faith brings all of the responsibility for your intention home to you.  If you have to believe or have faith in your vision in order for it to manifest that takes your attention away from things outside of you and brings it back to you period.  It is your faith, your absolute belief that puts the Universe in motion on your behalf so if it is not moving on your behalf you know where to go to make changes.  I know that now from a place of knowing who I am as a physical expression of God.  I know it from a place of strength and ownership of my Divinity.

When I was young  I thought God was outside of me and that I had to coerce him into helping me.  I would hear someone say “have faith” and I honestly did not know what that was.  Where was I supposed to find it?  It was this elusive phantom in my experience.  I really was at a loss.  If I prayed and my prayers weren’t answered it was because I didn’t have faith and I still didn’t know how to get my hands on it.  I was grasping at straws.  Did I pray the right way, say the right words, did God hear me?  Would he have pity on me and help me out.  I was coming from a place of complete dis-empowerment.

It was my introduction to New Thought and my complete dissatisfaction with where I was living that brought me to experience faith and showed me just how powerful it really is.  In the past I believed that faith was a mystical thing that I had to employ to manifest what I desired but in reality faith is at work constantly.  Faith is belief and we always live what we believe good or not so good.

As humans, we use faith in every moment that we live.  We have faith that our bodies will work properly, that our cars will take us where we need to go, that we will remember how to drive, etc.  The future doesn’t exist until we get there to observe it so we rely a whole lot more on faith than we realize.

We are also using faith when we listen to the news and agree with the negativity in the world, or that it is flu season, or that the economy is bad.  That is faith focused on negativity or fear which is negative faith.

Our conscious mind decides what we believe.  It chooses our thoughts and figures out which ones we can get behind so to speak.  It puts together the order that it then sends into the Subconscious mind.  The subconscious is the order taker that works to bring the order into physical reality.  It is the big “YES”, but the component that sets the order in motion is our faith or better yet, our conviction.  Conviction is the fuel, the key component.

It has been my experience as a psychic healer that a lot of what we believe has not just been acquired in this lifetime.  If we have had lifetimes of poverty or disease there can be energetic programs that we carry with us that spark up when something in our present circumstances line up with them.  These programs can feel so defeating, especially when we know what to do and want to use our faith to change our circumstances.

Once a program is identified it can be erased from the energetic body which brings relief, clarity and strength.  It brings you back to “feeling” who you are; limitlessness embodied.  Then you can truly have the conviction it takes to manifest your desire.

In his book, “the Superbeings”, John Randolph Price says that the Mystics, or Superbeings have found twelve “God-Powers” within man.  They are:

  • The Power of LIFE
  • The Power of LOVE
  • The Power of WISDOM
  • The Power of UNDERSTANDING
  • The Power of AUTHORITY
  • The Power of STRENGTH
  • The Power of ORDER
  • The Power of FAITH
  • The Power of FORGIVENESS
  • The Power of ENTHUSIASM
  • The Power of IMAGINATION
  • The Power of WILL.


Price says that these powers are etched deeply in the soul of each individual and must be stirred into action if man is to regain his rightful position in the grand scheme of things and realize his true identity as pure Divinity incarnate.

In the past I have tried to find the faith I needed but the truth is that we all have within us all the Faith we could possibly need.  We need to learn how to use it.

Rev. Ike says “God has nothing more to give us”.

Faith is a living intelligence and power within the soul. It is a thinking entity within our consciousness and we must train it to accomplish what we desire.  Faith is the power that unites the other powers.  It is the cornerstone for the powerful lives we can create if we call it into purposeful action.  It activates the other Powers.

As I said earlier faith can move mountains, it is “the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen”.  We can literally do all things through faith because it is the connecting link between heaven and earth, between cause and effect.

Price says that the stream of thoughts that constantly flow through your mind come from your faith faculty.  They are not your thoughts but are the words and images of the living, thinking entity within you called faith.  The thoughts may not be yours but the entity is and your job is to control and manage it.

“When it sends images and thoughts of lack, limitation, failure and illness you must discipline it immediately because its word is law and it will hold you in negative circumstances unless you take command. You have to redirect it to the truth of your being, your limitless God self, because Faith is constantly feeding the other power centers with what it is accepting as true.”

I am seeing faith in a whole new light, as the thinking center in my mind.  Price says that our Consciousness is our Faith.  He says, “Since faith is your thinking power, its thoughts must be trained to be loving, wise, enthusiastic, powerful, strong, forgiving, orderly understanding, imaginative, filled with life and in tune with Source.”  These are the God Powers.  If we can train our thoughts to be in alignment with those powers we can say to the mountain be removed and it would have to be.

My personal experience with faith since last July has been an amazing thing. Especially during the first three months of this year when my husband and I were supporting two households.  I knew last July that I had to move back to Denver.  When that solidified in my consciousness and in my bones things started to happen.

There were obstacles that looked impossible that worked themselves out and I was able to move back into my house at the end of December.  My husband stayed in Phoenix to last out the lease on the house we rented there and to finish working on a large project at his work.

I was on my own in Denver and I really came to the place of proving God as my supply.  I decided not to look to anyone else as a safety net.  I knew that my desire to be here was divinely inspired and once I got here affirmation after affirmation proved it to me.  Every financial need has been met in amazing ways. Support on all levels was always there from friends and family. Opportunities showed up out of nowhere to expand my work and my social network.  It has been wonderful.

I know who my source and supply is and it does not fail if I have faith.  I also believe that tithing has had a huge influence on my abundance.  I tithe to Rev. Ike’s ministry because he has been such a great teacher in my life and I receive a thank you letter each time that I tithe with an affirmative prayer in it.

I want to share this one with you because I use it every day.