Neutrality is an extremely important tool to help you shift your energy and maintain your seniority because it allows you to be in a situation physically and out of it emotionally.  My favorite analogy is that Neutrality allows you to see the soup without being in the soup.  It strengthens you because if you are not in the emotion of a situation you can be the observer and allow truly creative answers to show up for you

Neutrality is the place from which you can see things and not be them.  For instance say something has you worried.  From a place of neutrality you can say I see worry or fear but it is not me.  In other words I see fear but I am not afraid.  You can see it and not own it.  It’s very powerful

  • Remember who you are.  A Divine Spirit.  When you say I am not afraid it is not denial it is the truth.  The real you the Divine has no fear in it.  It also has no doubt, worry, judgment, anger or negativity of any kind.  The human you does experience those things and it’s ok.  They are to be experienced not resisted.  So don’t judge or blame yourself just know that is what life is about.  We are here to experience them and at the same time know that we are greater than they are and that they are simply a temporary experience we are having.  They don’t define us. They are not part of us.
  • One of my favorite quotes is from Bruce Barton.  Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance. That is what we hold on to. The part of us that is superior to circumstance.  We can access that part of us through neutrality
  • Neutrality allows you to step out of the emotion and become objective.  Think of a time when you were in an emotional state over something. Say you were worried for instance and at the same time you were trying to come up with a solution to the problem that was worrying you but the worry just kept escalating.
  • Emotion begets emotion and you are not in control until you can remove yourself from it. Let me ask you how many good ideas have you ever gotten when you were in a negative emotional state?  My guess is none because when you’re in that state there is no room for new or creative ideas.  In other words you are trying to solve a problem but you can only come from what you know.  From how you handled something like this last time. From memory which is limited. If you can step out of the struggle you create space for the creativity of the Universe to step in.
  • Neutrality is a very powerful place to operate from.  If you are neutral who can bother you?  If you are neutral your buttons can’t be pushed because you are out of emotion and you are out of judgment.
  • There is no fight or argument worth having.  The damage it does to your energy and the time it takes to get clear of it far outweighs the fleeting satisfaction if you happen to win.  Our words are too powerful and creative we have to be good stewards of them and neutrality really helps.  It gives you the space to think before speaking.  To be the objective observer of the situation. In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra talks about having your awareness established in defenselessness.  What that means is relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.  If you never defend your point of view you absolutely no fun to argue with.
  • This might sound like it is difficult to do especially if you are attached to your opinions but there is an amazing serenity in neutrality and that serenity becomes more important than arguing.
  • This really comes in handy at family functions.  Those occasions when you are around the people you chose to incarnate with because they are typically pros at pushing your buttons.  Try it next time. You will be amazed and it really feels good. It is silent power as Stuart Wilde would say.
  • The chakra that has to due with neutrality is the 6th.  It is behind your eyes and between your ears.  It is where you imagine and visualize and create your life with your thoughts and it is completely neutral.
  • Having an inner sanctuary is important.  It is the place where we go to experience our center of consciousness to connect to our Divinity.  The 6th chakra is the perfect place to set up that sanctuary
  • Here is an exercise to connect with that neutrality.  When you do this on your own it is always best to be grounded.  That is the starting point for everything I will give you and it is a great starting point even with your own meditation practice.  If you begin your meditation by grounding it will help you to be present and focused
  • Start with your eyes closed and take a breath.  Now take your attention to the center of your head.  The place that is behind your eyes and between your ears and notice the feeling of this place.  This is your command center.  This is where you go to step out of the emotion and control of your lower chakras and become the observer
  • Create a room there if you like, at least put a chair there to sit on.  Maybe there was already one there when you brought your attention there.  If there is a room there do you like it?  As I said, this is your command center so create a place that you want to spend time in.  You can make it basic for now and work on it later.  Your inner sanctuary will have an evolution of its own.  Make it absolutely perfect for you.  I say room but it can be a beach or a mountain lake or any where that supports you.  It could be a library with a cozy chair and a fireplace.  Make this a place where you love to be because you can do a lot of great work here
  • After you’ve created your center of head room notice the awesome powerful feeling you have when you are there.
  • Know that from this place you can look at anything that seems to be scary or out of control in your life and see it for what it really is a temporary experience.
  • The center of your head is your sacred space, your sanctuary.  Only you and what you create should be there.  If anyone else shows up just ask them to leave.  Your word is law here you are Master and Commander
  • A great tool to enhance neutrality is Amusement.  If you can be in an attitude of amusement it is easier to stay out of emotion because you can let things roll off your back.
  • So now, when things show up that would typically throw you off your game you have tools to fall back on that will help you hold your space.  Maintain your grounding and retreat to the center of your head when necessary. These tools will help you to work your life and create what you want from a place of empowerment.