This is the seventh and final article in the series on the chakra system.  The seven chakras are arranged along your spine in starting with the first chakra at the tip of the tailbone all the way to the seventh which sits as a crown on the head.  All except the seventh go through the body, front to back.

My website,, emulates the chakra body with each page dedicated to a chakra. The page has the appropriate symbol, color scheme, a brief audio description of the chakra and a meditation for each one. I suggest you visit and go through the meditations.

My work with clients entails reading their energetic body, ie; chakras and aura and identifying and releasing energy that blocks their power and success.  Each chakra has a function that directly contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  Their functions range from completely physical- the first chakra, to completely spiritual- the seventh chakra and they impact every aspect of life. The chakras are in constant motion, sending and receiving energy, and they are constantly reacting to what is happening in your life.

The chakras hold information from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes and not all of it is empowering.  They hold other people’s energy as well as your own.

This article is dedicated to the Seventh Chakra or the Crown Center.  The seventh chakra sits flat on the top of the head and is the gateway to Spirit.  It is center where we realize the Divine Reality within our own consciousness, the “I AM”, and through which we receive inspiration, intuition, and guidance.

Cyndi Dale describes is as; “The “psychic center” for higher knowing, it receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate our purpose…. It contains the yang ability to live our divine identity by expressing purpose, and the yin ability to take in energies essential to feeding our spiritual nature.” Cyndi Dale – New Chakra Healing

As eternal beings our chakras contain information from prior lifetimes as well as this lifetime.  It is believed that the Crown chakra also holds all of the information contained in the other chakras.

There are a couple types of energy that I often see impeding the seventh chakra; one has to do with religious beliefs and rules the other has to do with worthiness.  The religious type of energy can have the information in it that we as humans cannot receive information directly from God, that there has to be a middle man or that God did all his talking to us thousands of years ago.  Some of this energy can be quite harsh.  The other energy dealing with worthiness has to do with not understanding that we are divine beings and guidance and inspiration from Source is our birthright.

Information is coming constantly but unless we are aware and accepting of it we won’t get it.  How many times do we ask for help, get an answer and then either question it or talk ourselves out of it completely?  We don’t believe we can have it.  We think answers come to people who are more spiritual or psychic but the truth is that we are all psychic.  The word “psychic” is a Greek word and it simply means “of the Soul”.  We are connected because we exist; we don’t have to meet any other criteria.  We just have to trust and expect guidance and inspiration.  By the way, one of the definitions of inspiration is; Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind. – The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

The Crown chakra is the seat of the highest frequency of energy vibration.  The color associated with the Crown chakra is violet.  In moving up through the major chakra system we have gone from the densest vibration of the color red of the completely physical first or Root chakra to the highest vibration of violet in the Spiritual seventh.

I hope you have enjoyed these articles on the chakras.  There are many opinions about them.  I am sharing what I know and what I have experienced in my work as a clairvoyant reader and healer.


Kelly Whetstone Newsletter – August 2012