Sixth Chakra- Brow Center This is the sixth in a series of seven articles on the energetic chakra system.  The seven major chakras are located in your energetic body coinciding with the alignment of your spine.  The first chakra is stationed at the bottom of the spine, the second in the series occurs in the vicinity of the navel, the third chakra is situated in proximity to the bottom of the lungs, the fourth chakra is the center of the rib cage, the fifth chakra is located above the rib cage at the collar, the sixth chakra is up behind the eyes, and the seventh chakra  sits horizontal just above top of the crown.  Except for the seventh chakra, all chakras are positioned in the body, from the front to the back.

For more information I have set up each page of my website,, to be dedicated to a chakra. The page has the basic color scheme, a brief audio description and meditation. I encourage you to visit and go through the meditations.

Each chakra has a function that directly contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  I utilize this knowledge and understanding in working with my clients as I read their energetic body. I identify  energy blocks that impede the clients power and success.  The chakras hold information from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes and they also hold other people’s energy as well as your own. 

This article is dedicated to the Sixth Chakra or the Brow Center.  The sixth chakra is also called the Third Eye and is located in the center of the head, behind the eyes and between the ears. This is the center of thought, intuition, inspiration, imagination and clairvoyance.  Thought is where everything begins it is “first cause”.  Everything that we see in our outer world began as thought including our bodies.

The sixth chakra is a powerhouse.  It is the internal command center.  We can use our sixth chakra to consciously create what we want to experience in our lives by using our imagination.  “God in man is man’s imagination” – Neville Goddard.  Imagination is the fertile ground of creation.

The sixth chakra is also the place where we can observe what is occurring in our lives with complete neutrality.  If you take your attention or awareness to the sixth chakra you will notice that you are not in the emotion of the lower chakras and can simply see what is going on.  You can be the neutral observer and that is powerful.  With neutrality you can see and act with clarity.

In my psychic training we created a room in our sixth chakras called our “Center of Head Room”.  It is the place from which we read clairvoyantly.  The neutrality helped us to stay out of our bodies and simply see when we were reading for clients.  Even if you are not interested in clairvoyance, the center of head is a beautiful place to create an inner sanctuary for meditation and prayer.  The discipline of going into your inner sanctuary in order to communicate with spirit is very valuable in my opinion.  It is truly a sacred space that you create so make it suit you completely.  Make it a place that you love to be so that it is welcoming to you and you are fed and nurtured when you are there.

Spirit speaks through imagination and play so the sixth chakra is a brilliant place from which to ask questions of spirit and watch for answers to show up as images.

Energy that blocks the sixth chakra is the belief that imagination is counter productive to accomplishment and is a waste of time.  This kind of information not only blocks the powerful expression of the sixth chakra but it can add guilt and self judgment for indulging in “daydreaming”.  I had a student once who told me she had no idea when the last time was that she had used her imagination.  She had put it away a long time ago.  After giving herself permission to pretend and play she was seeing wonderful things in her imagination and it was a pleasure to see the joy she got from it.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Knowledge is what is known, imagination is limitless possibility.

Cyndi Dale writes that the sixth chakra “Contains the self image and the means for containing/shaping one’s view of self and the world.   The (outgoing) yang aspect has to do with the ability to see and reach the future, and perform strategic planning measures; the (receptive) yin function relates to self image and self perception.”

The color associated with the sixth chakra is Indigo.

I hope you are enjoying these articles on the chakras.  There are many opinions about them.  I am sharing what I know and what I have experienced in my work as a clairvoyant reader and healer.

Next month we will finish the series with the Seventh or Crown Chakra.


Kelly Whetstone Newsletter – July 2012