First or Root ChakraI am starting a series of articles with this newsletter on the chakra system. My work with clients primarily consists of reading and clearing energy for people, houses and businesses. When I am working in a house or business I am clearing the energy of who and what has gone before. I want to begin by attributing the Chakra books by Peter Rendel and Cyndi Dale which, along with others, have informed and inspired me.

Everything is energy, every person, every emotion, every thought, and that energy makes an imprint. It remains in the walls, the fixtures and the furniture. By clearing this energy everything is brought into present time and a blank slate is created so that the space supports and empowers those that live and work there. In the case of businesses it is important to clear out the old energy of clients to make room for new clients. It is also important for the wellbeing of those that work there because everyone is affected by the energy of others.

The seven major chakras are located along your spine. The first chakra is located at the tip of the tailbone, the second is about 2 inches below the belly button, the third is at the solar plexus, the fourth is the middle of the chest, the fifth is at the base of the neck, the sixth is in the center of the head, behind the eyes, and the seventh sits flat on the top of the head. All except the seventh go through the body, front to back.

Their functions range from completely physical- the first chakra, to completely spiritual- the seventh chakra and they impact every aspect of life. Please visit my website,, each page is dedicated to a chakra and there is a brief audio description and meditation for each one.

This article is dedicated to the first or Root chakra. Located at the tip of the tail bone it is closest to the earth and the element associated with the root chakra is earth. This is the chakra that we ground from. Its job is to send and receive energy from the earth. So by consciously grounding from it we stabilize our physical body, align our chakras and create a vehicle to release unbeneficial energy.

When we are overwhelmed or scattered our awareness is not in our body. The solution is to “Ground”. Grounding brings you into the present moment because it brings you into your body. If you are feeling out of control or overwhelmed or scattered take a minute to create a grounding cord and you will shift the energy immediately. You can ground by simply imagining a colored beam of light extending from the tip of your tailbone to the center of the earth. There’s actually more to it than that and I know many people have difficulty grounding. I have a surefire, easy, effective method of grounding which I can teach you if you contact me at

The first chakra is all about physicality; being in a body, health, survival, loving relationships, passion, fight or flight. It is also about feeling safe and secure, so issues around money, not feeling protected or looking to someone else for your safety or validation can affect the first chakra.

The first chakra receives its basic programming from family and there can be limiting information and “programs” from parents remaining in the first chakra. Our Parents were responsible for our survival as children and they gave us information such as “don’t talk to strangers” to keep us safe. Although this is good advice for children, if that is still a belief you hold as an adult you could be missing out on great conversation with very cool people. Your parents gave you what they knew. So if they struggled with money or health they most likely passed that on to you as well. Belief in lack such as; “It is hard to get ahead” or “save your money for a rainy day” have nothing to do with your present life but they may be a part of your energetic body that either keeps prosperity away or makes it very difficult to enjoy for fear that it may be taken away at any moment.

I have also seen very old energy in the first chakra that was brought into this incarnation from previous lifetimes. Most often this energy is fear that established a foothold in lifetimes where basic physical survival was at stake, lifetimes where starvation, illness or physical danger was prevalent. This is totally irrational in this lifetime but may affect a healthy relationship with food or produce anxiety or worry that people are out to harm you or have you convinced that you are destined to contract a disease. This type of energy can affect you throughout your life. It is like being held prisoner by something you cannot explain but the feeling is very real.

The first chakra is also where mothers are corded to their young children. Children rely on their mother for their survival and also to show them how to survive. These cords exist until around the age of seven or eight when the child becomes more independent.

When the first chakra is functioning properly you feel strong and vital. You know that you have the right to be loved and the right to succeed in life. You have your foundation, so to speak. You can sit in a quiet space and know that you know that you are safe and that you can handle anything that shows up in your life. The color associated with the first chakra is red, the densest color in the spectrum.


Kelly Whetstone Newsletter – Feb 2012

I want to begin by attributing the books by Peter Rendel and Cyndi Dale which, along with others, have informed and inspired me.