I write the weekly Empowerment Scopes that are posted here for 12Listen.com.  I write them using oracle decks and my clairvoyance. This post is based on the scope for Taurus the week of Feb. 6th:

Take a minute to notice that things are coming together for you. You have your big dreams and intentions that you are focusing on but notice all of the things that are simply working for you right now. You are being taken care of. It is important to notice and celebrate that because small things usher in big things.”

I am a Taurus and that really spoke to me and I think it is a nice reminder for all of us. We get focused on the big things we want to create or on something that isn’t working and we don’t notice the beautiful little gifts that we are constantly being given. Michael Tamura says that miracles happen every day but it is up to us to be aware of them.

The past couple of months have been really busy and different for me because of moving. I finally got the last room basically together. I say basically because there is a pile of boxes in the middle of it stacked up to my chin. It’s the back room in my house and was the last because I don’t eat, sleep, work or shower in it. It’s a big party room with a bar in it. I was unpacking the boxes of glasses that go under the bar when I realized that they were the first boxes I packed when I was creating the move. They weren’t packing boxes but wine boxes and I used newspaper to wrap the glasses. They were my statement of faith that we in fact were moving back home so I used what I had available to physically start moving toward my desire. It hit me then that I was unpacking my affirmation.

It really took me back to that time of creating my hearts desire by imagining myself living in my home. I used a couple of specific feelings to really get me there in my imagination. One was the feeling of carpet under my feet. The house we rented in AZ had tile floors. In my imagination I would fall asleep in my bedroom here at home and if I got up in the middle of the night I would imagine walking on the carpet to the bathroom here. The other really clear image I worked with was making coffee and toast in my kitchen. Last week I was making coffee and toast in my kitchen and I just had the feeling wash over me that I was really here. That I manifested this and how grateful I am. It really was a feeling of déjà vu. It almost felt like a dream.

Those very big affirmations made me look a little closer and realize how much I truly have been taken care of since I have been here. Opportunities and clients have shown up for me and my needs are constantly being met in the most graceful way.

One of which was getting my yard cleaned up. After I did not accept my neighbor’s offer to clean up my yard after he had cut down my tree, I could not find anyone to do it. Either they would not call me back or they wanted what I felt was an outrageous amount of money to rake leaves. Finally I had the son of a friend of mine do it. He had something he wanted to buy so he really appreciated the opportunity to earn some money. He did a great job. The yard looks a million times better and is no longer a distraction to me. The best part of the story is that my friend told me that on their way home he was looking at the money he made and she told him to put it away so that he didn’t lose it and he said he just wanted to look at it for a while because he really worked for it and earned it. And that is why I could not find anyone else to do it. It was a jewel for both of us.

I just wanted to share that with you because the more you NOTICE blessings the more blessings there will be to notice and they just keep coming.