Everything in our life is FOR us. Someone once said “The Soul must meet and overcome all of its limitations” and that is what life on the physical plane is all about. We will always want to do, be and have more because that is just who we are as the embodiment of Life and the obstacles that show up when we are looking to manifest something better in our lives are always there to tell us something, not just to frustrate us. Obstacles are opportunities to take a closer look and maybe make some course adjustments.

Obstacles might be simple resistance, meaning that when we decide that we want to be, do or have more which is in alignment with our Infinite Self we typically come face to face with our fears. Consider it a detox period when we get to release limitations that stand in the way of our good and build our faith. That is when we fall back on the truth of who we are, our constant connection to Source and our entitlement to every good thing.

Sometimes, obstacles are showing us that we are pushing instead of believing and what you push against will always push back. Struggle can only create more struggle. As Florence Scovel Shinn says “my ships come in on calm seas”. If we are agitated, if we are trying to make or will something to happen we’re not in receiving mode because we’re focused on what we don’t have and what we focus on expands. A great part of receiving is simply being available and trusting.

There is an underlying order to everything and when we are in harmony with it life flows and we’re okay regardless of what might be happening.   Sometimes, obstacles are telling us that something is out of order and they are directing us to look at our priorities. If you want something you not only have to have the consciousness for it, you have to have the space for it in your space. Sometimes we have to do some energetic clutter clearing.

An example of this would be;

Trying to bring in a new relationship when you are out of work. The priority is survival and safety – a job that pays the bills and puts a roof over your head and food on the table. Survival is not the only positive aspect of having a job, but self-esteem, freedom and confidence are important aspects as well AND they are important aspects of what you bring to the table in a relationship. Because you live in a physical world, being able to support yourself is a foundational issue and therefore takes up a lot of space in your space and requires a lot of your attention and focus. Once you have your job and feel settled and safe there is room for a relationship. Until then you really don’t have the attention available to give it. When you have the energy and the consciousness for it, it has to manifest.

Obstacles have something to tell you. If things just keep getting in your way – there is a message there. If the thing that you are desiring to do or have is expansive and positive, most likely the obstacles are not telling you that you can’t have it, just that there are some things you have to get in order to be able to bring it in.

And as I said earlier sometimes they are just resistance, the ego trying to keep you right where you are by scaring you or bringing up petty things to distract you in its attempt to thwart your forward motion.   That is when you take your attention away and determine that “this does not disturb me”. After all a thing can only affect us according to our response to it – no reaction – no affect. Obstacles are only obstacles if we view them as such.

Another productive way to work with them is to ask productive questions, such as; “What can I learn from this” or “How can I see this differently?” Those questions come from a place of power because you are seeing that the perceived obstacles are only information that can lead you to your goal rather than keep you from it. Nothing is greater than you.