Since we just celebrated Valentines Day, the power tool this month is LOVE.

Tools are an important part of our life. We depend on tools for everything we do. It’s important to have the perfect tool for the job. This makes a huge difference between struggle and frustration and ease and peace of mind. The same goes for Spiritual or Energetic tools.

These tools that I practice and share are Spiritual principles for practical success.  The tools promote the experience of spiritual concepts. It is the experience or feeling that provides the “power” heightening and intensifying the understanding of the concept. These powerful and practical tools help you connect and identify with the limitless Self, (God, Source or Universe), which in turn creates positive results in your daily life.

With the beginning of a new year, now is a perfect time to expand your knowledge and experience the limitless power within you through the use of powerful and practical tools.  This will be the focus of many of my articles in 2013.

Love!? An energetic tool you say?  I say Yes!

I am not talking about emotional love I am talking about love as a vital energy to be used to manifest our good and create harmony in our lives.

The energy of love manifests as money and every other good thing to enjoy and share.

Love is powerful, expansive and magnetic. If we choose to see and love the highest and best in others, we are seeing and loving their God Self which is perfect and which is our God Self.  We are looking past the personality and behavior that we might have judgments about and we are going right to the Truth.  By doing this we are identifying with and blessing our own limitlessness and we are expanding the expression of that limitlessness within them which in turn expands within us simply because we are acknowledging it.  We always agree with their perfection thereby making it our own and never agree with what appears to be “wrong” because in doing so we make it our own as well.  Remember every one is an aspect of our own self image.  Every one is a mirror for us and if we love the best in them that is what they will show us.  That is powerful!  Love is THE energetic power tool.

“If there is someone who bothers you, bless them with love every time you think of them.  In each and every one of us is every single quality.  If this person is critical, begin to affirm that he or she is loving and full of praise, if he or she is grouchy; affirm that this person is cheerful and fun to be around.  If he or she is cruel, affirm that this person is gentle and compassionate.  If you see only the good qualities in this person, then that is what he or she has to show to you no matter what behavior is displayed toward others.”
Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

US Anderson talks about this in his book The Magic in Your Mind; “We see only that which we think we will see, and in consequence the world is peopled with things and events all dredged up out of our consciousness.  A thing or a person or an event is not changed because of our consciousness, but inherent in each are all qualities, and we sift out only those that already occupy our awareness.  It is for this reason that men are villains in one circumstance and heroes in another, that each in his time plays countless roles.  It is not so much that the man is different in each circumstance, but that he is being constantly perceived by different persons who view him only through a narrow slit of individual vision and accept him for the thing they expect him to be.

The world, as always, turns out to be exactly what our consciousness is conditioned to see.”

By choosing to see and love the highest and best or the God Self in others we rise above conscious judgments, broaden our vision and draw out the best in them and in ourselves at the same time.

Along with loving others, we also must love the good things that we want, whether it is a job, a home, a healthy body or a partner.  The thing we are looking to bring into our lives responds to love.  Think about that for a minute.  When you love something it just keeps giving to you, doesn’t it?  Say it is a piece of art, every time you see it you feel that love, it’s like it loves you back by validating or proving to you why you love it.  It is a great circle!

Florence Scovel Shinn says “Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the Universe.”

“While you are visualizing your intention be sure to LOVE what you see.  Love is the most powerful force in the Universe; it is the power behind the whole thrust of creation…..When you love what you see with all your heart, your mental images will stand out with great clarity and will become real or substantial to you.”
John Randolph Price, Empowerment

“What ever you love you magnify and objectify.  If you love the God in you, you become God in action.  What ever good you want in your life, love it.  Love it as part of you.  Love the good in you and you will express and experience more good.  When ever you do something good, just love it.  Give thanks for it.”
Reverend Ike, The Science of Living Study Guide.

We are the starting point of love and we have to love ourselves to really love anyone else.  We teach everyone in our lives how to treat us and our relationship with others is the result of the way we relate to ourselves.  Self love is self respect and self esteem and knowing that you deserve good things – health, wealth, creative expression, and love.

The quickest and easiest way to love yourself is to just love the God in you, the highest and best.  If you do things will change, self judgment and guilt fall away because you are focusing on the truth.  “Love the good in you and you will express and experience more good.”

Love is the most magnetic force in the Universe and a phenomenal tool for success and happiness in life.