are vital part of our everyday life. We count on tools for everything we do and having the perfect tool for the job makes the difference between extra effort and frustration and ease and success. The same goes for Spiritual or Energetic tools.

The tools I practice and teach are Spiritual principles for practical success.  The tools promote the experience of spiritual concepts. The experience or feeling provides the “power” behind the understanding of the concept. These tools facilitate connection and identification with the limitless Self, (God, Source or Universe), which in turn creates positive results in daily life.

This is the beginning of a new year; the timing is perfect to expand your knowledge and experience of the limitless power within you through the use of effective tools.  This will be the focus of the articles in 2013.

The power tool I am starting with is Affirmation.

The power behind affirmations is knowing that affirmations are statements of agreement with truth.  They are not statements you repeat hoping they will “gel”, so to speak, and the good thing you want will actually happen.  They are powerful agreements with truth. When you use them from that state of mind you feel them in your body and experience positive results.  Affirmations are vehicles for your conscious mind to line up with your limitless Self – God or Source in the midst of you.

In his book; Within You is the Power, Joseph Murphy says;

“The All-Wise, the All Powerful and the All Knowing One is within us.  No matter what we seek already is.  Love is, peace is, joy is, power is, harmony is and the answer to every problem is within us now, at this moment.  God knows ONLY the answer.”

Affirmation is agreeing with what is for the purpose of bringing it forward as experience in our lives. Affirmations are statements of our authority as Divine beings and using them takes our power back from circumstances.

Speaking affirmations with authority fills our consciousness with the truth.  Within us is God, outside of us is the world and between the two is our consciousness which is comprised of our beliefs and thoughts – positive and negative.  Our world reflects back to us that which is closest to it so we are always experiencing our consciousness.  So if our consciousness is filled with affirmations of our good that is what we are going to experience.

What you focus on expands, that is Universal law.  The only way you will make positive changes in your life is by consciously choosing to focus on what you want and keeping it nourished by your faith.  Affirmations are the perfect tool because they settle into your subconscious mind and become your belief.  You always live what you believe.  Focusing on what you want means choosing it over thoughts about what you don’t want.  Affirmations flip the switch, so that you can place your attention on what you want to experience.

There are times when we are feeling strong and powerful and times not so much. Life is a lot more fun when we are coming from that strong place because we are expressing our Divine Self.  But there are times when that strength is hard to come by and we are struggling as a result of being out of alignment with the truth.  Maybe we are struggling because we are looking outside of ourselves for our validation and value and not receiving it.  Maybe we are imposing our judgments and opinions (which are not the truth) on others trying to get them to change. Maybe we are imposing our judgments and opinions on ourselves, which typically translates to guilt. Maybe we are not taking responsibility for our present circumstances and blaming others.  All of these things are completely disempowering and we know it. But sometimes we have a difficult time getting out of the “spin” of it.

Affirmations re-route our attention from struggle to identifying with our power.

This is my “one stop affirmation” that shifts my focus immediately.


This is one of the greatest affirmations I have ever used because it is all purpose. It leaves nothing out.  God is the All-Wise, All-Powerful, All-Knowing One with in us. This simple, powerful affirmation gives that Power permission to heal us and our circumstances.  If you are feeling good and strong it amplifies that feeling.  If you are struggling with anything it supersedes it.

If your affirmation is I EXALT GOD IN THE MIDST OF ME, what more do you need??  It absolutely brings you back to your power.  You as a personality are powerless but the Self of you is all powerful.  This affirmation gets you and your limitations out of the way and lets the true power that can change things take care of you.

Exalt means to honor, to extol, and to expand – by affirming: “I EXALT GOD IN THE MIDST OF ME”, that power literally fills you up and goes before you paving your way.

Use it during your day.  It is a great tool for referencing the truth rather than reacting to circumstances. It allows you to release other people from your judgments and opinions and it allows you to release your self from your judgments and opinions.

It is my one stop affirmation – immediate connection to truth and detachment from circumstance.  I EXALT GOD IN THE MIDST OF ME. When I make that statement I take refuge in that power.  It truly is a power tool.

Use it and let me know what you think.  You can contact me through my website.