Dance of Life

Dance of Life

I get a lot of inspiration for my show from my sessions with my clients and when an issue comes up for several of them it lets me know that they are probably not the only ones experiencing it. Over the past week or so the recurring question has been;

“I know what I want and I am using affirmations and working on myself, being in gratitude and I still feel stuck or I see glimmers that are encouraging but they don’t last, what do I do?”

Along the way to realizing our desires we can get so caught up in rules and methods that we lose sight of the fact that this is a journey of feeling moment by moment. YES – We have to know what we want and set our intention because the power of a made up mind is the power of God. We have to take our action steps toward it but at the same time we have to be willing to detach from the outcome and just join the dance of life.

Being in the flow of life will bring up opportunities to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping us from realizing our intention. This is where affirmations and self-love are a powerful combination. We use affirmations to align with truth and change our minds. Affirmations aren’t for convincing the Universe they are for convincing ourselves. So we have to be able to feel them when we say them. So tailor your affirmations so that they connect you to your power and shift your thought and thereby shift your experience.

The self-love aspect, which is extremely important, is about experiencing joy along the way, being in Life and noticing the abundance that is ever present and not being focused so far ahead of yourself and what you have to do to get there that you can’t enjoy now.   We think that complicated is better and it isn’t. The thing that we desire, desires us. It exists, entirely, within us and yes it is our “work” to release the limitations that will allow it to come forward but we can make friends with that work.

Peace of mind is the goal in every moment. If you are at peace you are exercising your faith, you are in the place of allowing your good to come to you and you are open to guidance and intuition.

You find that peace by practicing the Presence of God within you.

Ernest Holmes in This Thing Called Life says:

“The vital secret in every religion lies in the recognition that the Spirit of Life is ever present – where the need is there also is its answer – where the problem is, there is also its solution.

Man is a center in the Consciousness of God, and since God is everywhere it naturally follows that we always stand at the threshold of divine Wisdom, infinite Peace and perfect Power.   We may enter in and possess this kingdom of good if we have the will to do so. But first we must have faith that such a kingdom exists. Here is where the soul, as Emerson said, makes its great claim on God. We must dare to believe not only that there is a secret place of the most High, but that we are in it now.

Peace, poise and consciousness of power in right action come only through a consciousness of partnership with the Eternal.”

There really is not a lot of work involved in that is there? There is just going within and practicing that Presence. It is a refuge, a shelter from the storm and the place where healing happens. The more we use it the more we’ll notice the joy and abundance of Life everywhere present.

This is an excerpt from an Episode of Empowerment which aired on 4/8/14
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