Liebesherz im HerbstPresence; what a wonderful word and what a broad concept; I am going to share several things that can make a positive contribution to your Presence.  I don’t think that we realize how much our presence impacts how life shows up for us.

“What do I desire from life, what do I want to experience in life, what do I want to contribute to life?”  Those questions require us to think individually and unitarily at the same time.  We have to be aware that we impact everything around us.  That you have a responsibility to put your best foot forward because Life is our mirror and the more our consciousness is filled with grace and love the more it will be reflected back to our benefit and the benefit of the Whole.

You never do anything good for yourself that does not raise the vibration of the Whole.  It is important to get that into your consciousness.  You are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  You are one with limitless love and limitless life and your world exists in your field of awareness and it is up to you to give to your world what you want to receive from it.

Generosity encompasses far more than just money and consciously cultivating a generous spirit reaps great rewards.  I have talked before about validation.  We validate others when we acknowledge them.  By smiling, saying hello, asking “how are you” and actually being interested in the answer people will light up!  That is a perfect example of the world reflecting love back to you.  Instant karma, so to speak, and it lets you know that your presence makes an impact.

I think often that we feel that we are just going along seeing the world from our small space, affected by and affecting only what is in our immediate sphere of influence.  We can become very self-focused, even as people on a spiritual path, constantly trying to figure out how to make our individual lives work, concentrating on purging the blocks that interfere with our Divine expression.  That is all well and good but we also have to take a broader view and figure out that we are responsible to the One, the Whole, because our presence in it affects it, all of it.

So once again how do we show up for that?  In every moment of our lives, how do we show up?  Are we interested or are we going through the motions?  Whether we are going for a job interview or taking our dog for a walk, our presence matters and affects everyone we come into contact with.  Loving someone’s dog can make their day and yours too!

This is all just a matter of being conscious that we are both the microcosm and the macrocosm at the same time and taking the risk of expressing positivity out from ourselves into the whole.

An important element in really showing up for life is enthusiasm. The definition of enthusiasm is:

1. Excited interest: passionate interest in or eagerness to do something

2. Engrossing interest: something that arouses a consuming interest

I have been realizing how powerful enthusiasm is in creating the life experience I want. Again, what we think, believe and express into it is what the mirror of life will reflect back to us. If we are working on positive change in our lives Enthusiasm is fuel for us and a blessing to those we encounter, it is catching!

This is what Abraham has to say about Enthusiasm:

“Rest seems like a nice contrast to overwhelment, but enthusiasm is always chosen over rest. The only thing that ever makes you tired or bogs you down is resistance.”


Every thing and every one is Source, we are all the same thing.  I remember when I was about 20 I worked as a receptionist at a real estate company and the broker bought a bunch of small mirrors, about the size of a business card and glued them to each of the sales people’s telephones to remind them to smile when they answered the phone because the person on the other end of the phone can feel a smile it is engaging.  When you smile your attitude changes and you become a giver, a sharer of love and most times when you smile at someone they smile back – instant karma once again.

You matter in the grand scheme of things, and it is a step in expanding consciousness to embrace that and make your presence known.

Another great tool that contributes to a generous presence is blessing.  You may not have thought of blessing as a tool but it is.

“The act of blessing another is to offer your self as a channel for the activity of Spirit.  When you bless an individual, a form, or a situation, you become the instrument through which divine energy flows to adjust, heal, and elevate consciousness.”

John Randolph Price – Empowerment

That is so powerful!  Bless your self and everyone you encounter.  Bless every aspect of your life especially the ones you are looking to change.   That blessing initiates healing; it is another circle.  Bless a situation whether it is positive or negative.  Blessing a positive situation increases the positivity and blessing a negative situation heals and recreates it.  This is no small matter.  It facilitates change. You receive what you give.

 Being conscious of your presence is important.  How you show up for life is how life will show up for you; period the end!