Empowerment Episode 15 May 2, 2011

I would like to offer that when you do this meditation on your own that you start by making a list of what you love about your self.  Write down everything you can think of that is great about you.

Head the list “What I love about me” then start,

#1 I am a good friend

#2 I am a happy person

#3 I am funny I have a great sense of humor,

#4 I make the best blueberry pie in the world, any thing.

Don’t stop at 4 or 5 write down the numbers 1-20 and write down 20 things you love about your self. It may take some time but do it anyway.  This is your “I am my biggest fan list” so just go wild. Be silly and have fun.  Really be amused because amusement is a great place to work from.  This is powerful healing work and if you come from a place of amusement you are in control and it is easier to be the observer and work from neutrality.

Today we are going work with the affirmation; “I am valuable. I love and accept myself unconditionally.” This is truth, it speaks to your Divinity, anything that contradicts it or argues with it is foreign energy and resistance that you will be able to release through this meditation.  This is a vast area so you can revisit it any time and continue the work.

Get quiet, breathe deeply and Ground by sending a colored beam of light from the tip of your tailbone to the center of the earth.  Imagine a colored bubble around you holding your aura in about arms length and take your attention to the center of your head, your sixth chakra.

Next I want you to imagine a large rose in front of you to the right. You will use this rose as a vehicle to move out energy that is not serving you, obstacles to self love. You may want to set the rose on vacuum so it can just suck up the energy as it comes up.  I would suggest that you don’t spend time looking at what comes up so that you don’t get caught up in it.  As soon as it comes up toss it in the rose.

Take another deep breath, feel your grounding, feel your bubble protecting and holding your space and feel the neutrality of the center of your head.  If you start to drift, gently bring yourself back.

Our affirmation is “I am valuable. I love and accept myself unconditionally.” I am valuable.  I love and accept myself unconditionally.

Stay in neutrality and watch and feel if anything comes up to contradict that statement. ** You might hear a little voice say you aren’t as loving as you should be or you might have an old memory come up.

Just be there and look at what ever comes up don’t resist it bring it into the light by doing so you take control.** Maybe you feel uncomfortable just making that statement so just sit with feeling uncomfortable for a moment it is just resistance, acknowledge it and then toss it into the rose, whatever contradictions come up acknowledge them and toss them into the rose.**

This rose is a vehicle to move out obstacles to self love.  It’s a beautiful energetic trash can.  Whatever is telling you that you are not good enough or not loveable is not the real you.  You are Divine and anything that says you are less is a lie and you can toss it into the rose.** The beauty of this meditation is that we are making a statement of truth and allowing any energy that is contradictory to just present itself so that we can release it.  Notice how you feel as you release this energy.

Now keeping your awareness in the center of your head and lets finish up this portion by sending any remaining remnants of feelings or memories into the rose.  Now send the rose and all of the energy it contains out of your space up into the sky you can send it into space if you want and blow it up! Explode it like fireworks completely releasing that energy.

Now that we have released those obstacles to self love lets take our energy back from those memories and feelings and fill in with our own energy.  Keeping your awareness in the center of your head imagine a large golden sun or golden ball above your head and place a magnet that looks like you inside of it and call your energy back from all that you released, and wherever else you are ready to have it back from.  See it fill the gold sun.  I like to see my energy come back like little golden arrows filling the sun until it becomes big fat and heavy like a water balloon and then reach up and poke a hole in it and let it pour into the top of your head. Your seventh chakra and fill your head, neck etc.

You are reclaiming your divine energy feel how refreshing it is as it fills you up. Now imagine another gold sun above your head and we are going to fill it with the vibration of unconditional self love.  So you can imagine writing those words on the outside of the sun and seeing it absorb them and fill with the vibration of unconditional self love.  Once it is big fat and heavy like a water balloon poke a hole in it and feel it as it pours into your crown chakra and then through every cell of your body.  Notice the difference in this vibration from your vibration. Feel those words, unconditional self love as they become your vibration.  Remember what you vibrate at you attract.  Fill in and when you are full the meditation is complete