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This is a list of tele-classes and meditations from 12Academy.com.  Mp3 recordings of these classes are available under my Email Based Services on www.12Listen.com.   Take a class or experience a meditation from the comfort of your own home and expand your horizons!


The Empowered Intuitive Course is a series of classes that teach energetic tools and methods tailored to the sensitive or empathic person.  This curriculum takes empaths from feeling that they are subject to the energy and emotions of others to understanding who they are and managing their energy in Series 1, controlling and healing their energetic body and their environment in Series 2, and learning how to read and heal for themselves and others in Series 3.

This is a twelve-week course.  Completion of which makes the student eligible to go on to the Professional Psychic Course affiliated with 12Listen.com.



                          Personal tools to master your space

Class 1 – Foundation/Chakras/Grounding

Foundation – Lecture about who we are (Source Individualized).  What energy is, how we encounter it, as well as, bring it with us from previous incarnations.  How it impacts us and why we can release it to change our experience.  This is the foundation for everything going forward.  We are the law unto our world because our world is us pushed outward.

Chakras – Explanation of the chakra system, what each one does and where they are located.

Grounding – What a grounding cord is and what it does – Keeps us present, aligns the chakras, stabilizes the physical body and releases energy so that we don’t take it on.

 Class 2 – Center of Head/Energy Channels/Running Energy

Center of Head – Sixth Chakra – Imagination, Clairvoyance, Neutrality – Command Center

The place where we work from to clairvoyantly see our energy body.  How we can use the neutrality of the sixth to look at what is going on in our physical world without being in the emotion of it and be available for guidance from spirit.  Imagination works hand in hand with clairvoyance.

Energy Channels – Channels that run through the body.

Running Energy – Earth energy from center of the earth up through feet and legs and down the grounding cord.  Cosmic energy from the center of the Universe down into the back of the crown chakra through back and up the front alongside the chakras, across the shoulders and down the creative channels that run through the arms.  The whole purpose of running energy is to release energy, chakras spin through and release foreign energy or energy we are done with.  The energy flows out and down the grounding cord.  Makes space in our space and feels really good.

Class 3 – Aura Bubble/Guardian Roses

Aura bubble – Holds energy in arm’s length and creates a boundary.  Consolidated energy supports us and helps to keep us present.  When our energy is out and away, we are distracted, and whatever might be happening where our energy is becomes our responsibility to release.  Typically, where our mind is our energy is.

Guardian Roses –  The tool that gathers our energy and brings it back to us.  They stand outside the bubble and are grounded to the center of the earth.  They absorb and ground out energy before it gets to us.

Class 4 – Gold Suns and Vibrations

Gold Suns – After energy is released gold suns are uses to call back our energy to us to fill in the spaces left after the release.  They also call back energy from where ever we are ready to have it back from, childhood, past lifetime, the grocery store, etc.

Vibrations – Gold suns are also used to gather any vibration we want to experience – peace, ease, healing, neutrality, certainty, etc. to fill us in and shift our space.  This is one of my favorite classes because the students feel the shift and it is fun. 

Actually, all of the classes are fun, and everyone is encouraged to just play and be in kindergarten so that they have the most access to imagination/clairvoyance


                            Tools and methods to move and set energy

Class 1 – Move Foreign Energy Out of Your Space – tools and methods for releasing foreign energy whether it is negative emotion, guilt, fear, etc. or another person’s energy.  Explanation of cords and how to cut them.  Making separation, calling your energy back from other person or negative emotion after releasing their energy.

Class 2 – Healing Aspects of Your Life – Looking at life aspects, such as, career, relationship, home, etc. as individual spaces contained in energetic spheres.  Looking at the energy that is present then grounding the space sending neutral healing energy through to clear it and filling with the vibrations what you want to experience in that space.  Very informative and very healing.

Class 3 – Setting Energetic Spaces for Mutual Benefit – Setting spaces, such as, a clear communication space for meetings or negotiations.  Using the clear energetic spheres to set the vibration for a particular outcome always with the intention of mutual benefit.  Relaxation space, healing space, neutral space.  Very effective.  I do this for my clients often.

 Class 4 – Clearing Your Environment – This is the Set Your Boundaries class.  Walls are the energetic record of everything that has happened within them.  This class teaches how to clear energy creating a blank slate and how to bring in the vibrations of what you want to experience and how you want your environment to support you.

These classes teach the student how to do this for themselves, but I use these tools and methods every day with my clients.


                               Clairvoyant reading and healing

Class 1 – Introduction to Your Psychic Space – Specific tools used for reading.  Turning down lower chakras, taking attention to center of head and setting up reading tools.  Practice.

Class 2 – Structured Reading – Called a Rose Reading, uses a rose as a symbol of the person being read.  Bloom = where they are at this moment spiritually.  Hip = connection between spiritual and physical.  Stem = physical body and timeline of previous lifetimes.  The color, size, and “tone” of each part is read.  Then the layers of the aura are read as well as past lives.

Class 3 – Practice Structured Readings

Class 4 – Meet Your Healing Master – Method for meeting the healing guide that will work with the student going forward.  Beginning a relationship with the guide.  Introduction to the structured healing. Do an actual healing.

These are the tools and methods that are developed and expanded in the professional course.


Everything is energy.  We take on the energy of people we encounter in everyday life and the walls in which we live and work are energetic records of everyone who has ever been within them. No wonder we are distracted!  In this class I will teach you tools and techniques to release energy that doesn’t benefit you from your physical and energetic body and your home and work place.   I will teach you how set energetic boundaries that will protect you and keep unwanted energy out.  And finally I will teach you how to set the energetic vibration of what you want to experience so that your home nurtures you and your work place inspires you.  These are powerful tools that will make a profound difference.  When you are supported by your environment you walk out into the world empowered and that directly affects your success and happiness.  You are a powerful creator I will teach you how to create an empowering environment.

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These channeled, guided meditations facilitate powerful experiences with the Archangels.  You will feel their presence and receive the benefit of their help.  Their love and support is ours for the asking.





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These meditations are taken from my 12Radio show, Empowerment. On the live show it was not possible to take the time to go deeply into the meditation. However, 12Academy is the perfect place to fully experience this powerful meditation.

Divine Love

  This is a very cool experience of connecting to your Infinite Self and really feeling the love and beauty and grace that is your very Soul. This is a consciousness shift.

Experiencing Your Divinity

 This class and meditation gives you a tangible experience of your limitless self and gives you tools to allow it to express and flow through you in your day to day life.  Whether you are male or female, a mom or an executive you will learn how to do what you do from a place of power, neutrality and detachment.   This is a fantastic experience!

Bring your Life into Present Time

 What are you struggling with?  This class and meditation teach you how to look at the events, situations and relationships in your life to find out if they are serving you or not.  The only place we can affect anything is in the present moment. The past doesn’t exist and guilt is a waste of time. Yet how much of your energy is spent on things you cannot change.  Present time is a brilliant tool that brings clarity and freedom.

Healing Unworthiness – Self Love

In order to have the best in life you have to feel that you deserve it.  Unworthiness is the single greatest factor in not being able to manifest your good.  Your intrinsic nature is pure limitless divinity and you are here in this incarnation to demonstrate that divinity.  This class and meditation provide tools for releasing unworthiness and increasing self love.  Self love enlarges the expression of the divinity within you and releases what contradicts it.

Manifesting 101 – Creating a “Mock Up”

If you wanted to build something you would “mock it up”, draw it out in detail on a piece of paper.  This class teaches you the basic elements of manifesting your desire.  The meditation walks you through creating a “mock up” of your intention using great energetic tools


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