12 Listen

Kelly’s purpose is empowerment. She is a Certified Psychic Reader, Healer and Teacher.   Kelly’s readings are filled with compassion, grace and validation. She is here to support you in what ever way you need her to. You may be seeking a reading to bring clarity to a situation or you may need a healing to release energy that is keeping you from moving forward. You may just want to talk to a psychic that has studied metaphysics for over 25 years and has vast resources and tools to draw upon in helping you work your life.

Kelly sees the true you, the powerful, creative Divine you. She uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and healing to help you connect to your true self. No matter what you are looking for, a session with Kelly will bring awareness and awareness is power.

Kelly’s weekly Empowerment Scopes can be found on 12Listen.com – Start your week empowered!!