While I was doing my fall cleaning a couple of weeks ago I was listening to an old set of Stuart Wilde tapes called “Developing the Sixth Sense”. I have had these tapes since the late 80s and I had listened to them so many times that I was kind of surprised that sound still came out of them. I hadn’t heard them in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They are packed with information that makes even more sense to me now after almost 30 years of study. I consider Stuart my first teacher, his book The Force was my introduction to metaphysics in 1986. It was instrumental in setting me on my path and I’ve never looked back.

He says in these tapes that the development of the sixth sense is not just about ESP or Clairvoyance but about going beyond the five senses to a communication with your Higher Self. Human beings have a tendency to think that what they can taste, smell, hear, touch and see is what is real but that’s not true. What can be experienced by the five senses are effects. We live in a world of effects. They are the products of thought and belief. Going beyond them to the Source and having a communication with Source is developing the sixth sense. Touch for example is one of the five senses but feeling is an aspect of the sixth. Feeling is the movement of spirit.

Willingness to go beyond the five senses is important because working with the sixth sense or with spirit sometimes requires you to be open to things that might be completely contrary to the five senses. If you practice any form of reading, whether it is tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, (I would say especially clairvoyance because I am a clairvoyant), you have to trust what you are seeing psychically and the intuitive information that is coming in and sometimes it might look or sound pretty crazy. Every good reader is a channel for spirit. The cards, charts, pendulums etc. are simply mediums or tools through which Spirit communicates, just like water color or oil paint are the mediums for the artist. Unless her creativity uses them to communicate her vision they are just pretty colors in tubes. Same with psychic modalities. But as the channel for spirit whether you read for others or are working on your own spiritual evolution you have to trust the information you are receiving and the more you do the more you develop your spiritual language, so to speak. My belief is that everyone has an individual communication with spirit and you have to be willing to put in the time to become fluent in that language because you are learning it as you go.

It takes discipline, commitment and determination but what could be a more worthwhile commitment? Stuart talks about the four disciplines of the initiates; Physical Discipline, Nutritional Discipline, Emotional Discipline and the Discipline of Balance. These disciplines get the mind out of the way and help you to clear your physical body so that you can hear and connect to spirit. Discipline eliminates distractions. Out of control emotions, a sick or heavy body and believing everything outside of you is more powerful than you are, are distractions that keep you from experiencing your power and a great life.

He says;

“Mention discipline to your subconscious mind and it will reach for its hat and coat! Why?

Because your mind knows that when you establish discipline it will lose control, and it will not give ground unless it absolutely has to.

To win the battle, you have to create as high an energy as possible, then guard it, watching carefully to keep it up at all times. As long as your energy is high, you will control, but let it drop and your subconscious will dominate. The very nature of the physical plane will conspire to pull you down, partly because of its baseness, and partly because you will become tired, or your eating habits will be poor, or you will let negative emotions creep into your life. Your evolutionary learning process is dominated by your ability to recognize and control the ebb and flow of energy around you. For, like all energy, metaphysical energy is volatile and never stays still; if it is not going up, it is going down.

Even though you will never have a concrete experience of the Force, your inner feelings will tell you when it is with you and when it is not, and soon you will train yourself to recognize the subtleties of energy affecting your life.” Stuart Wilde – The Force

Discipline fine tunes your ability to connect to spirit. Discipline also tells your ego that you are assuming the role of being the boss of you so you can expect resistance when you institute a new discipline. Make the decision to get up early every day and take a walk or designate 30 minutes for prayer or meditation and just know you will most likely be in for a fight. But if you persevere you will control and that feels really good.

We all know what it is like to feel a positive energy shift from gaining a new understanding or clearing some energy that’s been dragging you down. But Energy does go up and down and it is our responsibility to know that and manage it. I hear people say all the time “I did this and I felt so great but now I’m back where I was”. Well, first off I have to say that you’re not back where you were you genuinely moved some energy which made space for deeper energy to surface that probably feels like the energy that was moved. It may be uncomfortable but you can manage it by taking your attention away from it and focusing on how you want to feel. I think we have a tendency to go on a witch hunt for the reason we might not feel so great instead of doing what it takes to raise our energy. “Why” really doesn’t matter, it’s a side track to dig for a reason, it keeps you in the feeling that you don’t want instead of moving past it and feeling good.

This is a great place for a quote from Ernest Holmes about resistance;

“When we resist we make a mental image of the thing we are fighting, and that tends to have it created for us. When we learn to look only at what we want and never at what we don’t want, we will no longer resist anything.”

That may be the greatest discipline – looking ONLY at what we want. That is a mental and emotional discipline that lets the ego know who is boss.

This is such great practical stuff!

The bottom line to all of this is that you can depend on your sixth sense or intuition to live your life and it is a wonderful life if you do, Believe me! But it is all about being aware and sensitive to your body, your feelings and your environment. In Living an intuitive life everything is talking to you and as Florence Scovel Shinn says “Nothing is Unimportant”. You build your life from within, you maintain your physical body so that you are a strong, clear receiver of information and you create your environment to nurture your growth and sensitivity. Everything that surrounds you is important – what you love loves you back – that’s law.


This article is an excerpt from the 9/23/2014 episode of Empowerment.

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Love and a Million Blessings