Episode 18 May 23, 2011

I had some interesting realizations recently and I want to share them with you this morning.  So float along with me if you will, on my stream of Consciousness.

My purpose and the purpose of this show is empowerment.  Life is brilliant and we inherently have within us everything we need to be or have or do what ever we want.  The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.  I believe we are here to become aware of and express that limitlessness.  Awareness is the tide that the ship of empowerment SAILS on.  Awareness is synonymous with Consciousness.  The spiritual journey is the journey of expanding awareness, expanding consciousness.  It is like a flower that opens petal by petal. Becoming aware is actually coming back to our true selves.

Our awareness is expanded by paying attention, being present. We spend much of our lives doing what we have to do to take care of our selves and our families.  We are always on a mission, doing our best to meet the demands and expectations of others and our selves.  We act as if we are the personas or roles we have created for ourselves.

I would like you to take a little imagination break with me right now and imagine that our roles in life are costumes we step into and occupy.  The role of mother or accountant or husband hangs in the closet waiting to be worn by us like our clothes.  When you put on a pair of jeans and a shirt you don’t become a pair of jeans and a shirt, you don’t introduce your self as a pair of jeans and a shirt, they are simply the clothes you chose to wear.

What ever we do is not who or what we are.  We chose it just like we chose our clothes.  Step back a minute and imagine with me that you get up and put on your accountant suit or your mom suit and you step into that role to serve that purpose as long as you are wearing the suit.  Then imagine taking it off when you are not in that role.

Now I realize that being an accountant is a job and that being a mom goes beyond that but the point is that we identify with and call our selves what we do.  Men especially identify with their jobs because society has taught us that it is what we do that makes us valuable or not.  So the fact that we identify with it is understandable, but it is also selling ourselves short.  If we connect with and express who we really are can you imagine what kind of a mom or accountant or husband we could be?

If we allowed the pure life force, the pure God-self that we are to flow through us and our roles everything would look different.  We would do whatever we do from a place of power and knowingness and we would be unaffected by anyone else’s opinion.  We would do what we do from a place of detachment and neutrality.  It would be like we were channeling the highest expression of accountant or mom or husband and our children and clients and spouses would benefit to no end.  And if we were offering this clean vibration of excellence their vibrations would be raised to meet ours and that would not only benefit them but would benefit everyone they were in contact with because their vibrations would be raised as well. The possibilities for the expansion of good are endless.  I got really carried away thinking about this.  But the truth is, if it can be thought and imagined, it is possible.  It is taking day to day life to a whole new level.

We have been so caught up in meeting the criteria of our roles that we impede the flow of life.  We live to serve a function or functions but not a purpose. What if our purpose was the purest expression of our limitless potential through what ever we do?  If you are a mom you’re not just a mom, you are a woman, perhaps a wife, maybe not, perhaps an accountant!  Same with the husband, none of us have just one role. We are all very busy with costume changes but the limitless being never changes and the limitless being can express through what ever costume we are wearing if allowed.

If we can do that the beauty of it is like we get to take a vacation from the demand and struggle and just be the vehicle for life to flow.  Be the observer.

Michael Beckwith says the purpose of every human is to reveal the face of Divinity.  What that means to me is letting the roles and functions fall away, letting ego fall away.  I don’t mean stop being an accountant or a mom or husband that is not realistic.  I just mean stop letting being a mom or an accountant or a husband and everyone else’s opinion of what that should look like define you.  Those are very small boxes for limitless to fit into.

When we allow life to flow through us and our various expressions we experience limitless creativity.  We are making ourselves available to be the medium through which that creativity expresses.  Just like an artist has their preferred medium to work with, be it watercolor or clay or oil.  We are the universe’s medium here in the earth plane and we can express that creativity in every area of life by simply letting go of our opinions of how things should be and giving ourselves permission to allow and experience.

If you really looked at your opinions you would have to ask yourself where they came from.  My guess is that very few if any were originated by you.  The fewer opinions you have the easier life is. Opinions are beliefs that limit the limitless you and they are tightly woven into the cloth of the costumes that hang in your closet.

When we move into the place of allowing we move into a place of freedom and detachment.  All of a sudden the things we encounter and the places we go are filled with delightful synchronicities.  This is simply being in flow or in tune with the energy around you, declaring yourself in, so to speak.  One with what goes on around you not separate from it. Allowing brings us more in tune with our guidance and our intuition because we have removed the rules of what it should look like and how it should come to us. We join in the dance of life with positive expectation knowing who we are and there is no limit to the joy we receive from it.

I would like to invite you to use that visualization of the roles you play in your life as costumes hanging in your closet.

Be quiet, be grounded, breathe and connect to your center, have your awareness in the center of your head and see yourself as limitless however that looks to you, maybe a golden being. Imagine what that feels like, you as all possibilities.  Spend a little time getting a good feeling for it.  Now imagine going to your closet. See the costumes of the roles you play in your life hanging there.  Pick the one that represents your primary role, what ever it is and put it on your limitless body and notice what that feels like.  It may feel like it doesn’t fit but take it a step farther and imagine that the costume becomes transparent and all you see is the limitless you shining through that costume, that role and out to infinity.  Go through the closet and do the exercise with every one of the costumes.

See your limitless self expressing through every aspect of your life and imagine how that would be.