Fourth-Green-Compressed[1]This is the fourth in a series of articles on the chakra system.  The seven major chakras are aligned along your spine.  The first chakra is located at the tip of the tailbone, the second is about 2 inches below the belly button, the third is at the solar plexus, the fourth is the middle of the chest, the fifth is at the base of the neck, the sixth is in the center of the head, behind the eyes, and the seventh sits flat on the top of the head.  All except the seventh go through the body, front to back. Their functions range from completely physical- the first chakra, to completely spiritual- the seventh chakra and they impact every aspect of life.  

Each chakra has a function that directly contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  The chakras hold information from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes and not all of it is empowering.  They can hold other people’s energy as well as your own.  They are in constant motion, sending and receiving energy, and they are constantly reacting to what is happening in your life.

This article is dedicated to the Fourth Chakra or the Heart Center.  The fourth chakra is located in the middle of the chest behind the breast bone. This is the center of relationship, compassion, sympathy, healing, affinity for self and others. The element associated with the fourth chakra is air.

The colors associated with the heart chakra are green, pink and gold.  In her book New Chakra Healing, Cyndi Dale describes these colors as the “change in the psychic energies of the evolving heart”.  She says that “At birth, the heart is green, indicating an inborn healing ability and energy.  During our productive adulthood years, it should be seen as pink, the integration of the white (purpose) color of the crown and the red (passion) color of the first chakra.  Finally, we are to achieve gold, the color of universal love.

This is the center of affinity for self and others and when I read for my clients I commonly see “self” left out.  This is a result of information we grew up with such as;  it is better to give than receive and we have to take care of everyone else first or that taking care of ourselves is “selfish”.  The truth is that if we do not care for and love ourselves we don’t have love to give anyone else.  We live from the inside out.  Relationship is an inside job.  The standard for a healthy relationship, one in which we receive as much as we give is set by the love we give our selves.

An energy that I see often in the heart chakra is responsibility for others taken to the extreme, or over caring.  Over caring is not only disempowering to the client but to the people they feel responsible for.  Every one on this earth is here to experience evolution, roughing up their elbows, falling down so that they can get back up.  This is what we all came for.  What we might call mistakes are just lessons to move beyond and it is no one’s responsibility to protect another person from experiencing their evolution.  Parents especially, can have a difficult time with this.

The heart chakra has to do with our dreams and desires.  Pictures I see in the fourth often have to do with creativity and passion for creative expression.  Just as healing energy flows from the heart down the arms and out of the hands, creative energy does as well.  I have seen painful energy in the heart chakra when creativity has been squelched.

The outgoing or Yang function of the fourth chakra is relationship and giving to others.  The receptive or Yin function of the fourth chakra has to do with the relationship with self and the ability to receive from others.

When the fourth chakra is functioning properly we experience the quality of healthy relationships, compassion for others, giving and receiving.

I hope you are enjoying these articles on the chakras.  There are many opinions about them.  I am sharing what I know and what I have experienced in my work as a clairvoyant reader and healer.

Please look for my next article: The Fifth or Throat Chakra.