The Clench

I encountered an interesting energy recently.  I heard from several clients, that they were feeling heavy, foggy, tired, sad, etc.   I noticed that same energy myself and the only way out of it was through meditation and refocusing on truth instead of circumstances.

I’ll be the first to admit that it is scary when you are just not yourself.   When your certainty has gone AWOL and things that you normally can rise above seem to have the upper hand.  I think, when this happens, we have a tendency to withdraw to try and sort it out.  There is a huge temptation to find out why this is happening, what caused it, or worst of all, “what did I do wrong?”  That is a question that I urge you never to ask, in fact all of those questions are unproductive because even if you find the answer you are still in a state of consciousness or energy that you don’t want to be in.  You will gain clarity, peace and healing from contact with the Infinite Self.  In that contact you are in the present moment and every present moment is a new beginning.  The past does not exist.  In that contact, you can receive insight and answers but never condemnation.  Condemnation is self-imposed.

When we go it alone and withdraw, we go into what I can only describe as a clench, energetically. “Something’s wrong, shut down, find out what it is.”  When we do that, we stop the flow of energy, it is a strange thing, and this may resonate with you and it may not, but we block the flow of our own energy by trying to get out of or understand the way we are feeling.  Fear and judgement take over, we may even think we have lost ground in our growth and progress.

This clench is resistance.  The heavy energy does not belong to us, neither does the sadness or fear but we may not recognize that, especially if we are on the hunt for what triggered it. If we are looking for what triggered it, we have empowered it.   We are now trying to get out of it and the more we try the more persistent it is because we are resisting it.  We are giving it power, that it does not otherwise have.  First by being afraid of it or fighting it and then by judging ourselves for being in that state.  So down the rabbit hole we go.

The way out is to stop fighting it.  To make peace with it, agree with thine adversary.  This may take some effort.  Use prayer and meditation, affirmations, whatever is effective for you.  No energy, or state of consciousness is greater than your True Self.  Use whatever means necessary to find your way back to feeling that truth.  And revisit it as many times as necessary until it is released. 

Another powerful way out is to remember that the human race mind or human consciousness is the thought atmosphere or psychic sea that we are swimming in as physical beings.  It is the “Dream” of the material world.  Every person who has ever lived has contributed their beliefs to mass human consciousness.  And beliefs run the gambit from positive to negative and we are susceptible to them just because we’re here.  If we remember that we can be kind to ourselves rather than go on a witch hunt for where we slipped up.  

When we just want to get out of our discomfort not only are we struggling against where we are, but we are attached to the outcome of feeling better.  One thing that’s become very clear to me is that attachment to an outcome is the very same thing as resistance.  Both are saying where I am right now is wrong.  When we want something badly or need something, we are focused on lack, the lack of the thing that we want.

Now let’s take this to every day practical matters.  No matter what it is, you cannot bring anything new in, until you accept what is sitting in your lap. When we fight anything, we are acting on our own, we are disconnected from our Source which is our strength and solidity. In accepting or making peace with what is, we regain our seniority.  When we are attached to a particular outcome say, when we want to manifest something, we are resisting what is and we are resisting an infinite number of possible ways in which that thing can manifest.  We are actually resisting the Infinite Self and saying we know what is best for us, and with our small human minds we cannot possibly know what is best.

The clench comes in again, when you are attached to an outcome.  You are excluding the perfection of the Infinite Self.  The only reason you are attached to an outcome is that you don’t like something that is in your current experience.  Until you release your attachment to what you want, what you don’t want will grow because you are resisting it and everything, including your focus, will just be stuck.

Kelly Whetstone