Empowerment Episode 16 May 9, 2011

Conscious mind vs the Subconscious mind.  We sort of perceive them as enemies but they aren’t.  They just perform completely different functions.

The conscious mind is individual.  It is ego, separateness.  Our conscious mind keeps us safe.  It dictates our responses to whatever is going on outside of us.  The conscious mind is always responding to outside influences.  “I feel this way because that happened to me” or he makes me mad, she makes me sad, you make me happy.  The conscious mind works through what Chopra calls Object Referral.  I feel the way I do in response to something outside of me.

The subconscious is universal. It is the field of pure potentiality, all possibility. It is vast and soft and completely subjective.  What ever it receives it acts on as long as there is feeling or conviction behind it.

All thoughts exist in the Universal Subconscious Mind. If you sit in a meditation and connect to your center you can slow your thoughts down and pick and choose the ones you want to experience.  You can be in the place of watching them, the place of the observer, the neutral observer.  From this place you can see the fear thoughts and the worry thoughts and you can also see the power thoughts and the joyful thoughts and the grateful thoughts.  This is the place from which you create your reality.  The thoughts we unconsciously choose become our beliefs as do the thoughts we consciously choose.

The choosing is done by the conscious mind. The conscious and subconscious actually do work together, they have to work together. We need our conscious mind to formulate the picture of the thing we desire and the feeling behind it.  It creates the order so to speak that the subconscious mind fills and the payment for the delivery of that order is made to the subconscious mind in the form of conviction or faith and feeling.  As US Anderson says our job is only to choose and accept.

So we are using the conscious mind to choose the thoughts we want to experience, the higher thoughts but at the same time all the limiting thoughts and beliefs we have, are stored in the conscious mind.  Hence the battle ensues and it is a battle of will.

You say I am prosperous.  I am a Divine child of the universe and I deserve to have financial prosperity and abundance and I accept it now.  Then comes the thought “what about that stack of bills?  Where is the money coming from?  Then you start figuring out how to make it work instead of holding fast to your intention which will release negative beliefs about money if you persevere in affirming it.

This is the process and when you are determined to make a change and move forward things start happening.  Whether you are on the journey of manifesting an intention or on the journey of releasing limiting beliefs there is always growth involved.  Typically these growth periods are not a lot of fun but they are extremely valuable because they show us our beliefs and they show us our fears and unless we see them we cannot move past them.

They appear as the exact opposite of what you are affirming. You are affirming prosperity and increased income and your washing machine breaks down.  During the process of creating more prosperity for yourself you are releasing limiting beliefs about your worthiness. When the washer breaks down it’s not just another black and white expense but it lights up that core belief that you are not worthy of abundance and the conscious mind says “see I told you it wouldn’t work”.

These growth periods are akin to a healing crises or a detox process and the most important thing they do is allow us to release our limiting beliefs and fears and that, as nasty as it can feel, is a gift.  This is not the time to give up it is the time to dig in because things are changing.

This is a process that allows us to look at the pain and fear and let it go.  This process kicks negative belief patterns into high gear and we have to be prepared to hold out and hold on to our intention and positive affirmations.  What occurs when we hold steady is the release of negative beliefs that are standing in the way of our good and when they are released space is made for the truth to inhabit.  We are dropping a few more useless limitations off the cliff and our divinity moves forward to fill in the space they occupied.  Then we are ready for the next step in our growth or the next thing we want to create and the process starts all over again.

This is our work.  Reclaiming our limitlessness and it is a lifelong occupation.  I truly believe that everything that shows up for us in our life is truly FOR us.  It is for us to learn about ourselves and to love ourselves. It shows us what we are afraid of so that we can name it and take our power back from it.

During this time we are working with what is called a dichotomy.  We are holding fast to what we are creating and we are accepting what is at the same time.  We don’t struggle against what shows up we don’t resist it we acknowledge it and accept it but we do not give our attention which is our power to it.  We don’t get caught up in it we don’t even entertain it.  We leave our story about it behind and focus on what we are creating and we accept and put our energy into that.  This is all about allowing.  If we can have what is we can move past it and allow what we are intending to move toward us because we are changing our beliefs.

I was really impressed to talk about this today because it has been a theme among my clients lately.  It can get tough when you feel like you are doing what you are supposed to and getting just the opposite in results.  It is hard to believe that it is actually beneficial.  If you are in that place give me a call on 12Listen.com. I can help you through it.