Happy-New-Year-2013-horiz-1024x768[1]Imagine a beautiful gilded box set with precious jewels and in your hand is the key that unlocks it.  It is so rich and beautiful on the outside that there surely must be treasure inside.  You open it and look inside and it is empty, waiting to be filled by you.

What a great metaphor for this New Year!  It will contain for you what you expect and believe.  It is simply the container of your experiences for the next twelve months but your experiences are totally controlled and created by you.  You create your experiences by reacting to what goes on outside of you, relinquishing your power to circumstances, or by referencing your limitless self and acting from that place of power.  You are All, all you could ever see and imagine, you are, because within you is ALL.  The Self of you is God – limitless potential and possibility.  You ARE, at this moment, your greatest desire in totality – all you have to do is believe it.  As Joseph Murphy says; “Man always answers his own prayers”.

Your life is completely up to you and what you choose to believe.  It is your work to focus on what you want, not what you don’t, believe in your good and take action toward it.

I believe in you and your power to live the life you imagine.  I am here to help, to move energy that may be blocking your greatest expression, to give you tools to help you experience your power.  I am here to help you realize that you lack nothing.  I am also here to celebrate your victories and I know there will be many.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!