A fantastic manifesting tool and really fun project is a Vision Board.  A Vision Board is simply a collage of images and affirmations that represent your desire. Creating a vision board is a creative meditation.  You focus your attention on creating a visible representation of the intention that you want to manifest.  You are in the present moment with your intention and you are feeding it with your attention.  Attention is love.

You can create a vision board for anything you want to manifest.  For the purpose of this article let’s say your desire is to travel the world.  Get some travel magazines and a piece of poster board set aside an afternoon and have a blast cutting out pictures of beautiful places from all over the world and pasting them on the poster board.

Then take it a step further, if you are traveling all over the world you will want unlimited finances to do so. Take a five dollar bill and add some zeros with a sharpie.  Find pictures of foreign currency from the places you want to visit and paste them up.

If you are going to travel why not go in style?  Add some pictures of traveling in the first class section of a plane or maybe pictures of beautiful place settings in a posh dining car on a train.  Add pictures of really beautiful luggage and clothing and don’t forget to add pictures of you.

Think about everything you would want to experience if money were no object and you had absolute freedom to go where ever you want to go, when ever you want to go.  Make the vision board rich and elegant in its images so that it is really pleasurable to look at after it is finished.
Type affirmations like: “I am the individualized abundance of the universe.”, “I have limitless funds and freedom to travel the world”, “I travel first class every place my heart desires” or “My feet touch the earth of every place I desire to go”. Cut out the individual affirmations and paste them all over the board.  Make it interesting and specific to what you really want and keep adding to it.

After the initial board is complete you may think of somewhere else you want to go so add those pictures. Your vision board can remain a work in progress because you are a work in progress and your desires are changing and expanding all the time.
By doing the work of finding and cutting out the pictures, creating and typing the affirmations and then figuring out the perfect place to paste them on the board you immerse yourself in your intention.  You begin to get the feeling of walking in Ireland, of flying first class or taking a beautiful train across Europe.  You feel prosperous….mission accomplished!

Hang the vision board in your prosperity corner (good Feng Shui practice) or somewhere where you can see it and every time you do it will take you back to that feeling and that feeling is what brings you and your intention closer together.
I almost forgot the most important thing, Have Fun! Do this project when you have the time to really enjoy it.  That feeling of enjoyment goes right through your hands into the board and into your intention.