Universal law states that our thoughts, feelings and emotions create our experiences.  We actually live from the inside out in this fantastic attractive universe.  Therefore, what we concentrate or focus on will attract more of the same. As the old sayings go, “what we think about we bring about” and “what you resist, persists”.

Detachment is critical if you want a situation to change.  In some ways detachment and faith are synonymous. Detachment is when you are simply at your wits end trying to solve a problem that perceivably has you beaten and you let go and give it over to God or the Universe. When you can no longer carry the burden and give it up is when things can happen. Energy can shift because it has room to move.  Detachment, neutrality, defenselessness and non resistance, are all powerful means for taking your hands off and allowing.

The concept of agreement adds a different element by intentionally finding something good in the problem and focusing on that. Chopra says that every problem contains the seed of opportunity for some greater benefit.  Things shift quickly when you choose to find something positive.

Agreement actually empowers detachment.  When you are focusing on finding a benefit in a problem you are detached from the negativity of it.  When you are no longer resisting it you will see it begin to shift.  You aren’t changing the person or situation involved in the problem you are changing your perception.  Focusing on something good expands the good.  Focusing on the problem expands the problem.

I have lived in Las Vegas for almost two years and for most of that time I struggled with living here.  I missed my Denver house and my big yard with grass and flowers.  I missed my friends and family and my spiritual community.  I found my self saying often that I left everything I had known and came to nothing.  I started over completely in September of 2008.

I stopped wallowing in this sad story when I remembered the reason I moved to Las Vegas. My husband was transferred here by his employer.  My husband who is the greatest supporter of everything I do, who has provided the opportunity for me to do all the things that I write about in this newsletter.  He is the brilliant bright spot.  Had I stayed in Denver none of this would have happened.  This move was the opportunity to reinvent myself.

I had another revelation a few months ago in the spring when I was really missing my yard and flowers.  I got an email from my tenants saying that they loved living in my house and wanted to sign another 2 year lease when the current one ends this fall. This was good news but I burst into tears.  Apparently I was holding out hope that we might be back in Denver by that time even though there was nothing to indicate that we would.

This was an epiphany. It absolutely brought home to me the truth of the statement “until you leave your story behind you cannot move past it.”  I knew then that I couldn’t live anywhere else until I decided to live here.

I became proactive and things started to change.  We decided to do something about the yard instead of complain. We bought flowers and pots that added life and color to the back yard and I felt a lot better.  I found a wellness spa and rented a space to see clients.  I obtained my business licenses to do energetic healing and teach classes.  I started meeting wonderful clients.  I was introduced to a great women’s networking group.  I met new, dear friends and more. All of a sudden Las Vegas wasn’t so bad. Our businesses and our spirits grew almost as fast as the plants in our back yard.

This was a huge lesson for me so I thought I would share it.