buddha 6Peace
is a tremendous power tool.
That may sound strange, but then a lot of things I say sound strange, so just float along with me for a few minutes as I explain.  You may recall a time when you were really “up against it” , having to rely on your faith to believe your way through a tough situation and in the middle of it you may have experienced what has been called; “the peace that passes understanding”. Even though outer appearances had not changed, something inside you shifted and this peace took over that made no sense, based on what was going on, but was there none the less.

I liken this experience of peace to when Neville says:

“You wear the mood of the wish fulfilled until it becomes natural”.

The peace that passes understanding is the same thing as the mood becoming natural. It is when you lose the “need” or the attachment to the thing that you desire and you just feel okay. You almost feel like you aren’t working hard enough but actually, at that point, you are the thing you desire and you are about to see it in the physical plane. So this type of peace comes as an affirmation, as if someone says, “You’re there” now you’ll see it.

There is another more directed INTENTIONAL experience of peace and that is when you use the peace that you inherently have within you as a tool. You find this Peace when you turn inward and make that connection to the God Self. When you just get quiet and exalt God in the midst of you and feel ALL THAT IS within you and all around you. This is a powerful place. It is the state of being that allows you to look the monster of fear in the eye and truly not be disturbed because you are connected to truth – you are connected to Source Itself and you feel It. You are always greater than any circumstance and when you are at peace, you own your greatness you are in your seniority and you are feeling your Divinity.

This is the other side of the circle, so to speak. Typically you might think that “when I have my desire I will be at peace” when the reality is that being at peace allows your desire to move through you and into your physical reality. Peace brings your desire not the other way around. “My ship arrives on calm seas” Florence Scovel Shinn

In his book “This thing called life” Ernest Holmes talks about using peace in this way, he says:

“Some day when you are confused, try this simple experiment. Sit down quietly and say:

The Peace of God is at the center of my being

I am conscious of this peace.
I enter into this peace.
I am surrounded by this peace.
This peace moves out from me in all directions.
It calms the troubled waters of my experience.
It heals everything it contacts.
There is nothing but peace.
I rejoice in this peace
I permit this peace to enter my soul, to fill me with calm, to inspire me with confidence.
I know that this peace goes before me and makes perfect, plain and straight my way.

He goes on to say:

No matter how many thoughts of doubt enter your mind, just mentally brush them aside. Sit in the silence of your thought until you see through the confusion. You will soon discover that just as the sun dissipates the fog, so your sense of peace will penetrate a wall of confusion. Peace already is; we merely have failed to recognize it.

I love that meditation. It brings amazing results – it brings Peace! It shifts situations and I know that from personal experience. Peace is a fabulous power tool.