TrustSupport is a power tool. It is logical that you are empowered when you receive support but it is equally as powerful, if not more so, when you give it.

We share our dreams and intentions with friends and family which rarely works in our favor because, in doing so, we are inviting opinions and judgments that may not be supportive. We often go to other people looking for the “green light” before trusting our own inner voice and intuition.  We forget where those dreams and intentions come from.

It is so important to know that your intention or desire is a precious and sacred thing that you have been given the responsibility to nurture and care for and part of that care is NOT sharing it with people that cannot “have” it.

It is so important to have people in your life that are like minded that you can share not only your intentions and desires with but also the rough patches you encounter. Sonia Choquette calls them “Believing Eyes” and we all need at least one person in our life that can be that for us.

Sometimes no matter how much we work on ourselves we just cannot be the neutral observer of our own lives.  We can’t “pan out” so to speak and see the big picture.  Sometimes we need someone that we trust to just listen as we process our feelings or our fears; someone who is empathetic but won’t jump in the mud with us, someone who sees the highest and best idea of us and reminds us of it while also reminding us that we are human and it is okay to have our feelings.

As much as we need to have that support we also need to be that support.  In order to receive anything we want we have to give it; like attracts like.  Neutrality is the key; supporting someone in this way means believing in their strength, seeing the God Self within and reminding them of it.  Holding that space for them to find themselves, not running in and trying to fix it for them, but knowing that they have it within themselves to come through, what ever it is, stronger than they were before – without judgment.

We are evolving, that is what we are here for, and that means running into energetic walls sometimes.  So the next time you are struggling with something find “Believing Eyes” because that person is often the one that leads you back to hearing your inner voice, back to your truth.”