Clearing and releasing unbeneficial energy is the foundation of my work as a clairvoyant and healer.  In my opinion it is the second step in creating positive change, the first step being awareness or identifying an energy that is in the way of your perfect expression.  You can think of it as moving out what isn’t working or what may be working against you so that what does work can expand and fill that space.

I work with the chakras and aura and I read and move energy.  Our chakras govern every aspect of our lives from pure physical expression to Spiritual, connection to Source.  The lower three are completely physical the heart is the transition and the upper three lead to spirit.  Because we are eternal beings our chakras contain information from previous incarnations as well as information from this one.  Our spirit chose this incarnation to evolve and work through that information.  We are here to demonstrate God, to reveal the face of the divinity that is our true essence.

It is like peeling an onion.  Your spirit pushes energy that it is ready to release forward in your chakras and aura.   When I read for someone that is what is made available for me to see and move.  Foreign or unbeneficial energy blocks the expression of your divinity.  Once this energy is moved your divine expression fills that space bringing clarity and freedom and expansion.  It is big powerful stuff.

We are energetic beings in constant contact with other energetic beings and other energies.  When you walk into a room and start to feel uncomfortable or like you need to fix something or some one or you need to fix yourself because you are picking up on a vibe from someone that you are not okay, that is an experience of reading the energy of the room and the people in it.  There is constant communication on an energetic level.  This is the stuff we take on and then wonder why our mood just took a dive or why we feel tired or uninspired.

Yesterday Chanan and I did our usual weekend grocery run and on the way back home decided to stop at the Black Bear Café.  We have driven by the place a ton of times and there are always people waiting outside to get in so we have been really curious about it.  Yesterday, for the first time there weren’t any people waiting outside so we decided to chance it.  We walked in and there was a wait but there were a couple of seats open at the counter so we took them.  We were sitting where we could see the kitchen or I should say we could see the cooks heads and all of the orders coming out.  We watched the wait staff getting drinks and making coffee.  It was constant motion.  There were two men that were facilitators that really kept things moving smoothly which was just amazing considering the number of people passing each other behind this counter.

We ordered and were entertained by this Black Bear Café dance until our food arrived.  We were eating amidst all of this activity and I finally stopped and looked at Chanan and said I am eating like someone has a stopwatch and I am being timed and he said “me too”. I was uncomfortable and I had to stop and get present and figure out what was I doing. Then I realized that we were just matching the vibe of the place.  Once I became aware of it I got my space again quickly and was fine.

The point is that this is what we all do all the time. That is why a simple self preservation tool like grounding is so important.  If you take a minute or so in the morning before you start your day to imagine a colored beam of light connected to your first chakra at the tip of your tailbone extending through the earth and connecting to the center of the earth your day will be different in a good way.  Grounding stabilizes your physical body, aligns your chakras, brings you into the present moment and facilitates the release of energy that is not yours and does not benefit you.  This simple tool will change your life.

If you want to go deeper, call me on I am there every day.  I love this stuff, it is what I was born to do, not only to heal but to give you tools to work with so that you can learn to manage your space.  It is extremely beneficial and what benefits you benefits all.  We are not in this alone, remember, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  If your vibration is raised it raises the vibration of the one reality and that is important.