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Everything in our lives is the effect or the result of our thoughts. However, effects have no power in and of themselves unless we give them power. It is like a painting. A painting is the effect of the artist’s thought and creativity, it is a thing. Someone might say that the painting moves them, makes them sad or serene or happy or emotional in some way but the painting isn’t doing any such thing. It is just a thing being perceived through that persons filters and the person is responding to it with their feelings. We constantly respond to everything in our lives and anything can be changed through our response. It takes determination, conviction and faith. Everything works according to Universal law. What we sow we reap and that’s not just what we sow in conscious action but in word and thought as well. I think when we hear that we have a tendency to want to duck but we shouldn’t feel condemned by the law but liberated because it is the recipe for success and abundance!!!

We each have a personal history. It consists of how we were raised, how we were taught, how our relationships have been, and all have influenced us positively and negatively but we cannot use them as our excuse for the way our life is right now or for why we cannot think and expect positively. Right now, RIGHT NOW you have a new life. Everything that has happened to up until now is dead. The past is dead. Every “right now” is a clean slate on which to impress your positive thought and expectation to change your future. And right now what you put onto the clean slate of the present moment with your thoughts, words and love, will harden into fact in the future. That is why it is important to put quality into it. What can I think right now that will make me feel good and that will affirm my good desires. Ask yourself; “Is this thought productive of the thing that I desire” – Rev Ike

Whatever you did or did not do in the past is a moot point. What are you going to do now to have a fantastic life?

We love our individual history because we use it to explain or excuse who and what we are now.   It is wonderful to look back see your victories and use them as inspiration for what you are working on now but really how many times are we looking back to see victories? Probably not often because our victories don’t haunt us; Guilt, remorse and regret haunt us. We are typically looking back to try and deal with them thinking somehow we can get a different result which can never happen because whatever memories they are associated with are frozen incidents in time, like photographs, that cannot be altered. If we allow ourselves to entertain these emotions we create for ourselves a deep pit to crawl out of. I would venture to say, based on my experience as an intuitive advisor and an observer of life that one of the main reasons people do not succeed in changing their lives or demonstrating their good is because they cannot let go of the past. As long as you hold on to your story you are subject to it – period. And the thing is, that the old story is typically negative. “I’ve been affirming my new job and I am expecting it BUT every time I’ve done that in the past I’ve been let down.” That statement in and of itself completely negates the intention for the new job – it was spoken out of existence with those words.   You cannot speak faith out of one side of your mouth and fear out of the other and expect to manifest your intention. It’s impossible! Your words and thoughts are power filled they are the vehicles through which creativity happens -positively or negatively. Your past has absolutely no power over you unless you believe it does and allow it to be an excuse. Blaming anything including the past is the most dis empowering thing you can do. You either own your power or give it away with your words.

Regarding words – Ernest Holmes says

“We must learn to reach out and take what is meant for us, the greater life, the all good. People say, “yes, but how to you do it?” Simply know that God makes things out of Himself by speaking the word, and that in your own life you can do the same. All people can think and all people can speak, at least mentally; this is all that you need to begin on. The word is at the center of all creation and is first cause, the starting point of all that you see. The word is in your own mouth and all you have to do is speak it. The trouble is that we are speaking the word, and in the next breath we are denying its power by seeing something that contradicts IT.

All words have as much power as we put into them when we speak. That word is all you will ever need to bring happiness, health and success to you.

Forget all else and think only upon what you want. Control all thought that denies the real, and as the mist disappears before the sun so shall all adversity melt before the shining radiance of your own exalted thought.” Creative Mind

It behooves us to be forward thinkers focused on good, stubborn in our refusal to entertain negativity. Things happen, we are in a human evolution, there may be issues that arise but they too are just effects and the thing that makes an issue a problem vs just something to be dealt with is our response to it. Our perception. Invest your emotions in it and bring in all of your associations from the past and it’s a problem. Be emotionally unaffected by it and it shrinks and you automatically have available to you whatever you need to handle it from a detached state of being and that is true power.

Another great plan of action is choosing to notice what is good. When negativity arises shift your focus to something good. There is good everywhere and in everything because there is Source in everything. What you love, loves you back so not only are you feeling better by focusing on something good or positive but that good feeling expands and affirms how you want to feel all the time. When you focus on what you want and exclude what you don’t it is like you are flying above the mundane.

Stuart Wilde says that the “man in the street” vibrates at a hypothetical 20,000 cycles per second. So at 20,000 cycles per second there are car accidents, bounced checks, lack, fear and limitation. But if you are focusing on your good and working with your consciousness to see the good around you, you will automatically raise your vibration to the place where you cannot attract those 20,000 cycles per second occurrences because they don’t match your vibration. You are flying above the mundane.

And speaking of love, I remember reading a book by John Randolph Price in which he was talking about unconditional love, which is a tough concept for us to get our heads around. Practicing unconditional love is sometimes difficult even when it comes to those closest to us but he was talking about unconditional love for all mankind. He said that his wife had asked in a meditation how to love all men unconditionally and God said to her – “Love me and I will love them through you”. That made a huge impact on me. I have found that purposefully seeing and loving the Divine in yourself and others is the best way to do that – just seeing past the body and the behavior to the truth at the center of each man. I have worked with that affirmation for a few years now and it is a very graceful and powerful tool that eliminates a lot of judgment. Divine Love is not emotional love it is neutral power. By exalting the Divine in every person you exalt the Divine in you because you are every person.

Here is a simple affirmation:

“I love you God, Source, Universe, etc. – love through me
Love all mankind through me
Love my family, my friends, and everyone I encounter through me
Love me through me
Love my body and every aspect of my being and my life through me.
Love these through me with your perfect all encompassing, benevolent love
I love you – love through me.”

That eliminates a lot of “trying” because you are simply making yourself available as the channel for love.
Florence Scovel Shinn says, “Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the Universe.”
Price calls Love the Law of attraction

If we plant the seeds of love we can only reap Love and Love is the fulfilling of the law.

Love and a Million Blessings


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