As I look back on my personal journey over the past three years I am amazed. 

It has been a constant lesson on trusting the Universe.  I am an Advisor for  12Listen is the premier psychic hotline created by Power Peek Astrologer Mark Husson. It is comprised of extremely talented and qualified psychics with many different specialties.  I am honored to be among them.  It is a wonderful community and I absolutely love the work that I do because it is extremely important.

A little over three years ago I was a commissioned loan officer for a mortgage company in Denver.  I was six months shy of twenty years with them when they closed the company in September of 2005.  Over the years I had developed a wonderful client base that I really loved and appreciated.  I know that I know that I did my absolute best for my clients over the years and conducted my business with integrity.  I loved my clients yes, but I never loved the mortgage business.

On the day that it closed I knew I wanted to do something different. I actually knew I wanted to do something different for a few years before it closed. But I didn’t make a move, so the Universe moved me! It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

 I am an artist, a Feng Shui practitioner and I love color.  So I decided I wanted to paint walls.  I was led to a faux painting demonstration given by the owner of a school.  I took classes, worked as a student on a huge project, and ended up heading the crew of students. I worked for the owner through 2006. 

In 2007 I had my own painting business and worked strictly by referral.  During this time I also taught at a psychic institute and had my own psychic practice. I loved all of it.  However, the uncertainty was intense during the times between painting jobs.  I only had to “check in” with myself to know that I was exactly where I was supposed to be doing exactly what I was supposed to do.

My truth is that the universe always takes care of me.  It was still difficult waiting while I was manifesting work but I knew I was on my path.  In my experience growth is usually uncomfortable. That’s why it’s called growth. But if you can endure the discomfort without trying to force solutions on problems you will witness the magic of the universe as it brings you answers and direction.

In the fall of 2007 I met the love of my life.  We both knew this was “it” within a very short time after we met.  He is my “mock up”, meaning he is exactly what I asked the Universe for.  After many relationships that taught me so much about myself I was finally ready to “have” what I wanted.  In manifesting we often don’t realize that we have to be able to “have” what we  are asking for. 

In fact, the “journey” of manifesting is a lesson in “havingness”.  First we must take responsibility for our current situation. We must be able to have it exactly as it is. Because we have created it and it is what it is. Struggling against it or ignoring it won’t change the fact that it exists.  At the same time we must have faith that what we want to create is ours now. And we can have it as well. Michael Tamura says that during the manifestation process a detoxification takes place. What it can look like is all the things we don’t want showing up which can make us think we’ve failed at manifesting. 

Not so!  When the opposite of what we are trying to create shows up that gives us the opportunity to look at fear; doubt, judgment, worry, etc. Then we can acknowledge how we feel about them and let them go.  The key is to look at them and really feel them. Not push them away or talk ourselves out of them.  This is how space is created for what we want.  We have to make room for it and that is a clearing process.

This is big. Allowing ourselves to really experience being uncomfortable without trying to force solutions on problems is what Deepak Chopra calls being in the “wisdom of uncertainty.“ .  When we try to “fix” things we are coming from our experiences our memories, what we’ve done in the past. That is extremely limited.  If we can sit in the wisdom of uncertainty we allow the limitless creativity of the universe to move on our behalf. That is stunning. 

In May of 2008 my fiancé’ was transferred to Las Vegas and asked me to go with him.  I said yes.  I moved at the end of August leaving my family, friends and two businesses that were doing ok and came to a city where I knew no one.  It seemed surreal but I knew it was where I belonged.  I knew something big was waiting for me here.  Once I made the decision to come and decided when I would move, things started happening. There were wonderful omens. I knew that I was on track. 

During the manifesting journey I have found that the Universe talks to me in subtle ways. It lets me know that I am and will continue to be OK.  I was asked to rejoin my colleagues at 12Listen. This was a huge blessing because I didn’t know what I was going to do for work.  Painting had taken a toll on my body and it needed a rest. I didn’t have a referral network waiting for me.  I also have a house in Denver that had been my sanctuary for 16 years that I wanted to keep and rent.

When we left Denver my house was not yet rented which caused more than a little stress emotionally and financially.  But still deep inside I knew I was on track.  I knew who I wanted as renters.  I wanted people who would love and care for the house because the house deserves that and gives it back.  It was unoccupied through September. 

Needless to say I was freaking.  I was doing my best to allow all this ferocious fear that was right in my face to let go.  Finally I called in to Radleigh Valentine’s 12Angel Hour radio show on I asked which angel could help in this situation.

I was told Chamuel would help me.  I needed to be specific when I asked for help but not to tell him how to do his job.  I was at my wits end.  I asked. In two days my renters showed up exactly as I wanted them to be!  Thank God for my wonderful 12Family.  There is always help and support available 24 hours a day at and

I am now in the process of starting an E-business! This is really funny since I know nothing about it except that it’s where I am supposed to be.  I have fine teachers and my hearts desire is to provide simple products to delight and empower. Color, sound and texture speak to our soul and support us.  Whatever makes us happy is empowering because happiness is our natural state. 

We are “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.  That is a Wallace Wattles quote that I use as a daily affirmation.  My new business will be up and running this November while I continue my work at 12Listen.

Once again I find myself with the opportunity to sit in the wisdom of uncertainty and not get in the way of the creativity of the universe.  It’s time to “let go of the sides of the swimming pool” as Stuart Wilde says and have faith that the universe will not just help me dog paddle but will provide me with a terrific floating chair and a pina colada! Happy manifesting!

Remember, you and you alone are the creator of your life.  I hope that I have given you some useful information to help you on your journey.

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