Here are a couple of aspects of abundance that you may not be aware of. All of life is Spirit.  Everyone you meet is simply you with a different face and all of us resonate to attention, affection and appreciation.  The first aspect is creating abundance by giving those things to others. I am talking about simple things that take you out of yourself and maybe a little out of your comfort zone, and validate others. Like saying “Good morning” to someone you meet on your morning walk or sincerely asking the clerk at the grocery store “how are you today?” and being interested in the answer. This is very simple but very powerful.  When you acknowledge someone you are saying “I see you and you and I are the same”. You are validating them and yourself as Spirit and the way you know that is by the way you feel.  When you express Spirit in your daily life you are expanded and you attract the grace that you are expressing. This is abundance. You are giving to others what you want to receive. This is the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 

The second aspect is treating your self as Spirit; valuable, precious, limitless, powerful and loveable. This is also abundance. You are giving yourself the attention, affection and appreciation that you want to receive from others.  If we don’t give to ourselves we truly have little to give to others. When you love and value yourself the quality of love you give and attract is healthy because like attracts like.  You are letting the Universe know what you want just by valuing your self.  You are setting an energetic standard. Remember, we always teach others how to treat us and that starts with how we treat our selves. Unless you give yourself the quality of love you desire you cannot attract the quality of love you desire.