Empowerment, simply put is the ability to connect to the limitless you, your Divinity and allow that connection to work for you in your daily life.  My purpose and the Purpose of this show is to give you simple, practical tools to help you make that connection.

So right now I want to give you some tools that are truly Vehicles to take you from fear to empowerment.

I am not an astrologer but I have to say that the sun moving out of cancer into leo has felt really good to me.  The energy particularly at the first part of  July around the new moon eclipse was tough. I wanted to talk about my experience because I don’t think I was the only one who felt that way.

The thing I noticed most aside from feeling disconnected and out of sync was an underlying dissatisfaction with pretty much everything. It was strange because that is not how I normally feel but I couldn’t shake it.  I was doing everything I could not to feed it but in all of that effort that is exactly what I was doing.  I was resisting it instead of having it so it could move.  A friend of mine reminded me that what you resist persists and encouraged me to embrace it and journal about it.

So I did.  I wrote down exactly how I was feeling. What I was mad about and dissatisfied with and what I really wanted.  It was the most healing exercise.  It truly was a vehicle for regaining my power.  I wrote and I cried and I let all of it just flow out of me and then I could let it go.  I had confused having my feelings with negating my intentions.

When we can have our feelings about anything we are honoring ourselves.  We are giving ourselves respect and love.  The key is to know that if you are feeling sad that it is a feeling it is not you.  Own the feeling not the state of being. You would say “I feel sad, not I am sad”. Saying I feel sad is empowering it is naming the feeling to facilitate release saying I am sad is giving away your power.

I want to talk about the concept of I AM for minute.  Biblically speaking, I AM is the name of God it is also the nature of universal law.  If you take a moment and just say I AM, it resonates in your being because it connects you directly to your divinity.  I AM is pure creativity, it is God in you and whatever you add to I AM you become if you believe it. That is the law of attraction and the power behind positive affirmation. That is a powerful concept that brings awareness and consciousness to your words.  Just tuck that away so that it can come to mind when you need it.

Feelings come with the human package and when we honor them we gain clarity.  Processing them is another example of making space.  Stuff comes up in your life and your feelings respond. If that response is anger or sadness or a negative feeling we push it away or try to bury it because it doesn’t feel good and our natural human desire is to feel good.  But pushing it away doesn’t get rid of it, it fans the flames and in a while you are being ruled by it.  You can’t get your mind off of it and it just keeps getting bigger.  Once you acknowledge it and name it, it loses its power and you feel it releasing.  Once it is gone from your mind and body you come back to yourself.  When you are in a spin over something you cannot see past it because you are in the midst of struggle.  What ever you fight fights back and that is where your power goes. To the fight

Another thing that fuels the fire and keeps you in the fight is judgment and blame, a lot of which is directed at yourself,  “I shouldn’t feel this way, I should be able to let this go, I don’t want to feed the negativity” etc.  Then you are off on a chase to figure out why this happened.  What did you do or what did you miss.  Mean while it is all consuming and keeping you out of your creativity because it is keeping you out of the present moment.  Now is the time to use the vehicle of Surrender, give up the fight, give it to God and just ask “what do I need to know?” and then be quiet and listen and allow your intuition to guide you.

By the time I had written down everything I was feeling I was receiving answers so the exercise accomplished both releasing and receiving. I don’t know if I would have received the information if I had not been in such an emotionally defeated state or not.  I think we have to be in the right place or state of mind to receive information for it to make its greatest impact.  I think I literally had to empty myself of my feelings to have room for the information that would shift my energy.  That exercise was my vehicle to regain my equilibrium and find my center and strength.

Another tremendously powerful vehicle for regaining your power and clarity is forgiveness.  Forgiveness immediately begins to release heaviness and negativity.  All forgiveness is self forgiveness.  This is true for several reasons; one reason is that you are not just you but you and everyone and everything that exists are the same thing, another is, if there is a person or situation you hold resentment toward, you are bound to that person with an emotional link that is stronger than steel and that impedes your growth, evolution and abundance.  Whoever you cannot forgive never leaves you. The person or situation you most want to be free of is strapped to your leg and you are dragging them around with you.  The only way to get free of it is through forgiveness.  And lastly, I feel that any situation that requires forgiveness requires you to forgive your self.  Think about the things that go through your mind, “how could I have gotten into a situation like that,  what is wrong with me that I allowed that to happen,  I am smarter that that, I know better”, and on and on.  Forgive yourself and everyone involved and get on with it.

Here is a universal forgiveness affirmation that I use every day and some days many times.  It is incredibly healing:









There is a lot of freedom in that.  The beauty of it is the fact that it is universal, you can dig deeper if you want and there are wonderful exercises to do so.  I can help you with that if you feel you need them.  But this is simple and effective and you feel it.  It is especially helpful for self forgiveness and guilt.

The last thing I want to share is a Louise Hay technique that I have found very powerful.  When you are in that place of reprimanding yourself and being such a harsh critic think of your self as a three year old child.  Close your eyes and see yourself at three standing in front of you afraid, just like you are right then.  You would never say the things you do to yourself to a three year old.  You would see that she is afraid and you would comfort and love her.  So see yourself picking her up and loving and praising her.  There is an amazing healing in that exercise. I have done it many times.

So there were several vehicles for regaining your power when you feel you are in chaos.  It always comes back to the basics of choosing a different thought and a better feeling.  You can wallow if you want and sometimes you may need to before you’re ready to shift it but when you are ready you can shift it.

If you need help, call me.  A reading brings clarity it identifies issues and moves unbeneficial energy so that you can find yourself again.  I am here to help.  You can find me on 12Listen every day.  A reading is a healing and you always will come away with tools to enable your progress.  It is my honor to do the work I do and it would be my honor to work with you.