Our true nature is Divine, perfect and lacking absolutely nothing. The more we connect to our true nature the more we raise our vibration because we are identifying with our limitlessness.  As our vibration raises things in our lives start to change.  We have raised the bar so to speak, and so life rises to meet us at our new level and it just keeps going.  

This is where another form of vibration comes into play.  I am using vibration as another word for affirmation or intention. When we speak an affirmation and feel its power we become it. Affirming our Divine nature raises our vibration because it resonates with our Spirit.

You can infuse anything with a vibration not just your self.  If you saw the movie “What the Bleep do we know?” you probably remember the part about Masaru Emoto’s research and book Messages from Water.  He put a word on a bottle of water and the molecules of the water changed in response to the word.  It is amazing.  It is once again scientific proof of the creativity of thoughts words and intentions.

Another way to experience vibration is through ritual.  I was raised catholic and I love ritual and tradition. I love old churches with stained glass and statues of saints.  I love the beauty of it but I also love the vibration of it and the ritual and tradition associated with it. It is a sacred place because it is intended to be so by the parishioners.   But honestly it really doesn’t matter who the tradition belongs to. I have a great respect for it because those participating imbue it with magical intention. 

I always have a novena candle burning in my home that I fill with the intention of safety and sacredness.  I do this is by taking a moment when I light it to first say thank you for my life and acknowledge my divinity with an affirmation of my limitlessness.  When I see the candle I feel the affirmation.  It is a reminder and it is real.  You may have a new and full moon ritual that you do.  Lighting a candle with an intention of creating at the new moon and bringing in your creation at the full moon is very powerful and the burning candle reaffirms your intention every time you look at it.  We are powerful creators and we have many opportunities to express it.