What is Your Reference? Part 1

“God is lavish, unfailing abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the universe.  This all-providing source of infinite prosperity is individualized as ME, the reality of ME. “

John Randolph Price– The Abundance Book

Every day you have the opportunity to experience many different emotions and feelings in response to what is happening in your world.  When things come up that may be less than comfortable what do you reference in order to handle the situation?  Much of the time you search your memory for the last time something like this happened.   Many times you find that it took you for an unpleasant ride and left you in a “bad” place and so now you anticipate that happening again and start to prepare for it.  Once you are in a place of reacting to circumstances you have given them your power and if you are preparing for something bad to happen, it will.  Attention is powerful and what you focus on expands.  That’s the law.

The truth is: you can shift your reference!  You can choose to refer to what you want to experience.  Focus on the Infinite Self within, which is the only place from which you can truly affect change.  Reality is within.  What is happening on the outside is actually old news created by old thought and belief patterns.  You are re-experiencing what you previously believed.  By focusing on what you want to experience and the Source that can bring it into your physical reality you are letting a far wiser, creative and present time energy move on your behalf.  You have moved from reacting to allowing and you are back in the driver’s seat.

What ever is happening is still happening; it is what it is.   But now you are allowing life to flow through you and bring answers and solutions that you never would have thought of otherwise.

It is easier to shift our reference when we remember what is present (and therefore, creative) and what is not.  The present moment is filled with all possibilities and is the only place in which we can create.  The past is not creative because it is dead and gone.  But the past can be informative and it can motivate us to create change.

Just like the past Memory is not creative.  We have memories because they have either a positive or negative emotional charge not because they are true.  You can reference positive memories to recapture positive feelings.  Negative memories are filled with negative emotion, guilt and fear.  They are only useful if you are working on releasing them and the emotions associated with them.  But unless you use them in that kind of a productive way they are disempowering.

What is real is your imagination and belief because that is the starting point of every experience good, bad or indifferent.

My definition of empowerment, simply put, is connecting to the divine, limitless part of you.  My purpose is to give you practical ideas and tools to help you make that connection and allow it to work for you in your day to day life. If we can connect to our divinity and get our doubts, fears, memories and selves out of the way we are in the flow of life.  And that is when creative magic happens!