“God is lavish, unfailing abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the universe. This all-providing source of infinite prosperity is individualized as ME, the reality of ME. “

John Randolph Price- The Abundance Book

My definition of empowerment, simply put, is connecting to the divine, limitless part of you. My purpose is to give you practical ideas and tools to help you make that connection and allow it to work for you in your day to day life. If we can connect to our divinity and get our doubts, fears, memories and selves out of the way we are in the flow of life. And that is when creative magic happens!

Finding out how to make that connection has been the ongoing theme of my life. This is why I teach. “We teach what we have to learn.” I think that is a universal law at least in the Kelly Whetstone universe. I love tools that are really visual, “hands-on” tools that are easy to reference in the minds eye and easy to integrate as feelings in the body. Right now the most powerful visual for me is seeing the presence of God or Source energy and Divine Love in me as a fountain of golden light energy. Seeing it within me in every aspect, in my physical body; in every cell and atom, in my mental body; filling my mind and thoughts, in my emotional body, filling my feelings and in my spiritual body, filling each chakra, the energy channels that run through my body and my aura. Then after I see it in all aspects of myself I see it surrounding me and lifting me. I see myself dancing in it happy, healthy, prosperous, loved, illumined and free. If I take a few minutes first thing in the morning before my usual meditation to connect and feel that energy I have set the tone for the day. I have set my reference point and I can come back to it whenever I need to.

We are pure Source energy and our job, so to speak, is to align with that. The more we align with it the happier and brighter we are and the better we feel. The things we desire to accomplish in our day or manifest in our lives come easier, without effort on our part.

John Randolph Price says that our “consciousness of the presence of God with in us, as our supply, is our supply”. It took me a while to really get that, to understand it and to connect with it. We are limitless potential, individualized, boundless abundance in expression because we are the individualization of Source energy or God. We hear those words and they resonate because it’s the truth, but how does it work? How do we “be” that?

You might be thinking, “That may be the truth but what I am looking at in my life right now certainly doesn’t look like limitless abundance. The people in my life don’t reflect that. Right now I would like to be appreciated by my kids. I would like to have a different job, more money, a good relationship, and peace, whatever. If I had something in my life that showed me that, maybe I could start believing it.”

It is your consciousness that is your supply because your consciousness creates your outer world. Universal law states: “as within so without”. We are always experiencing what we believe. So by turning our attention away from what doesn’t look so limitless in our outer world and focusing on that fountain of pure Divine Love and Source energy our outer world starts to change, without our effort and interference!

We constantly desire. Everything we do begins with the desire to do it. From standing up and walking to manifesting an intention, everything begins with a desire. Those desires are constantly being put into the universal subconscious mind so Source always know what we want and need actually before we do. I don’t think we really have to keep focusing on what we want and need, in fact, if you focus on them, “want” and “need” are self-perpetuating. You say, “I need this.” and the universe says “yes, you do”. Inherent in the definition of words like “need” and “want” is lack. As I have said before, “need” is a great word to eliminate from your vocabulary. Get the feeling of the desired end result and experience it in your imagination until it feels natural. Then let it go and simply focus on the inner presence, the cause.

If first thing in the morning you set this experience of your God Self as your reference point then throughout your day you can re-capture the feeling of Source energy with in you and shift your energy if things come up in your experience that aren’t so great. This is a fantastic simple tool.

Spend time in that beautiful light of lavish unfailing abundance and Divine Love and watch what happens in your outer world. As within, so without. Every aspect of life is an inside job.


If you contact me on my website I will send you a free audio download of the Divine Love Meditation to help you reach that state.