If you are on a Spiritual path I am sure that you would agree that the truth of that statement goes without question. There have been many times on my journey when people, classes, books or tapes have “shown up” just when I needed them most to take me on to a new phase in my evolution.  However, I think that the greatest teacher that appears most often comes in the guise of daily life. Opportunities for growth are always presenting themselves.  We are Spiritual beings that are having a human experience on this planet.  We came for the growth.  All we have to do is take a moment and think about what we are resisting, or what we are afraid of and take a good look at it so it can be released and we can move ahead.  We get in our heads that important lessons have to come as epiphanies to be the real thing.  But if we wait for epiphanies and ignore the small day to day things we cheat ourselves.  The gift and the growth come in being present and consciously having or looking at what comes up in the moment.  It might be anger, hurt, self consciousness, worry or doubt.  Your first impulse may be to push these feelings away because they are unpleasant but if you can just look at them they become transparent and empty because they are not truth. You don’t have to figure out where they came from. You do not have to put any further effort into them at all.  The universe only asks you to look at them and have the emotion that comes with them and let go. The universe in all of its creativity can then move on your behalf to solve any problem in a way you never imagined. Meanwhile you have dealt with something that was scary and became neutral to it thereby disempowering it and empowering yourself.   We are totally supported if we allow it.