When you let go of struggle you create an open space for miracles to occur.

I think in this present time we can pretty much give up our long held ideas about what is “normal” and how things should go. I think if we can do that it eliminates a whole lot of stress and struggle.

What ever is happening in your life at the moment is happening.  Good, bad or indifferent, it simply is.

Struggling against it is a losing battle because you cannot change what is.  Struggle engenders worry and fear. Soon you are in an emotional spin that you can’t get out of.  You try to talk your self out of your feelings but they boil beneath the surface. Resisted emotions never go away and in fact become monsters.  Real freedom comes from looking at the things that scare you and by allowing yourself to have the fear and the feelings that come with it. The introspection and acceptance help the feelings to dissipate.  Knowing where you are is the only way to move past it.

You are an eternal being in a human evolution.  Evolution means growth.   Growth typically is uncomfortable.  If you can accept the discomfort instead of resisting it you are given this amazing opportunity to realize that you are not alone.  In fact, you are profoundly supported if you allow yourself to be.

Personally speaking those “dark nights of the soul” have ushered in major shifts in my life.  I am limited in what I know. But the Universe of which I am part and parcel is not.  I had to surrender control and be OK with not knowing how things would work out.  Deepak Chopra talks about “being in the wisdom of uncertainty”.; This is the place where resistance ends and the creativity of the Universe is allowed to move on your behalf to bring about solutions you never could have imagined.  When you let go of struggle you create an open space for miracles to occur.